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Neon Yellow Studded Clutch Bag!

Neon Yellow Studded Clutch Bag!

Morning lovelies!
There’s something about spring/summer that lifts all our moods! Is it the sunshine peeking through the clouds, the blue skies, birds singing or the smell of freshly cut grass?
All of them!? Yes for me but I also love the fact that I can experiment more with fashion….beautiful colours have started appearing in stores and pastels/neons are the opposite but look incredible together…may opposites do attract!?
Well the other day I was in TK MAXX and my eye fell upon this gorgeous clutch bag!
I was in love with the colour more than anything but when I picked it up I realised it was made out of rubber!!!!! 
Hahaha it felt so strange and was on sale at £12 BUT I bought a different bag which I’ll tell you more about in another post!
Neon Studded Clutch Bag 
For £12 it really is a bargain…I might pop down to the local store and see if they have in stock as it was so cute!
I love the studs too…so fashionable!
Now you may find this weird but I would wear these items I’ve listed below.
  • Black & White (Vertical stripes) Stripe Blazer
  • Black Vest Top
  • White Denim Shorts
  • Black Ankle Boots (Maybe with a couple of studs on the heel)
  • This Clutch bag
Some of you may be thinking Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? how can she be teaming this clutch bag with that outfit but it works….it really, really works in my head and I can totally imagine it!
I may have to find some cute images and do a little collage to show you….oh how cute this would look!!
Now I’ve shared this little beauty with you let me know way you think! 🙂
I’m off to the store to see if it’s still available hahahahaha….oh dear…my poor bank account :p
Layla xxx
(My Nail Polish – Essie)
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