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Neon & Pastel – Spring/Summer Trend 2013

Neon & Pastel – Spring/Summer Trend 2013

Well after Christmas everyone seems to get all sad and miserable as there’s not much to look forward to BUT there is!!
Spring and Summer!!
 That’s right…it’s a wonderful time to start getting your summer holidays ready and looking at what wonderful trends will be seen on the catwalks!!
Now as a lot of you know I don’t follow trends….I just do what I feel comfortable in wearing and what I think looks good….sometimes the trends are similar to what I’m wearing and other times it’s the complete opposite!
Since last year I have loved pastel and neon coloured clothes as I think they really bring an outfit together….you can wear a pair of pastel jeans with a white vest and simple flip flops and it’s effortless chic.
A simple LBD and a pair of neon high heels look gorgeous together…add a neon clutch and again you look beautiful without looking like you’ve spent hours deciding what to wear!

Pastel Jeans – Net a porter
I want some of these for the spring months when you can go out with a little vest, shirt and flip and flops…these jeans will go with anything…you can turn them up as you can see on the mint coloured ones…find one with zips as you can see on the lavender ones….it’s all lovely!!

Neon Pastel Trend – Polyvore

And if you like pastels then you’ll also like Neon!!

Neon is incredible as you can have that statement without having to spend loads…a simple pair of shoes…a blazer…a bag!

Neon and Pastel…definite trend!


What do you think??

Layla xxx


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    • Hey Vivian, thank you for commenting! 🙂
      I LOVE red jeans…well done for gaining the courage!! Pastel is adorable…simple and gorgeous and perfect for spring where you can team it up with vest tops, flip flops and cute accessories!! 🙂 xxx

  • I like pastels not big on pink but love the soft blue and mint green. Have to say though I need to lose a lot more weight before thee jeans would look good on me

    • I LOVE pastels too…love the mint green, soft blue and peach colour! I also love neon colours….a simple vest and flip-flops! Gorgeous….all I need is sun hahaha!

      Aww bless you…I’m sure you could work the outfit!! 🙂 xx

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