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Nails Inc Jewellery Collection Review – Shopping at QVC!

Nails Inc Jewellery Collection Review – Shopping at QVC!

Hello to all you gorgeous readers!!
We all love nail polish as it’s just so easy to change depending on what we feel like! 
The majority of us use our hands to express ourselves when we talk so pretty nails are a must as it’s one of the first things people notice when talking to you!
I have been sent some GORGEOUS Nails Inc polishes and as soon as I saw them I fell in love!!
It’s from the Nails Inc Nail Jewellery Range and I can tell why…your nails actually become your jewellery, your accessories…the amount of sparkle and glitter is incredible and I think this is perfect to use ALL year!
Forget wearing glitter polish over Christmas…this brightens up your outfits and will look fantastic with a tan!!
Nails Inc Nail Jewellery Range
As you can see the amount of sparkle in these beauties is incredible…as soon as I opened the parcel I actually fell in love haha!
Amber – Bronze/Copper
Diamond – Sparkly Silver
Amethyst (My Birthstone) 🙂 – Deep purple & Silver
Nail Jewellery by Nails Inc
Even from a distance you can see the beautiful sparkle.
Nails Inc Nail Jewellery Closeup/Swatch
As you can see the colours look incredible out of the bottle too!
I applied 3 generous coats on my nails and they looked beautiful.
 On my little nail you can see that I’ve used a dark polish and on top applied one coat of Diamond…I even love the names of the colours! 
If you have a little bit of an imagination and like mixing colours you can really get creative with these polishes!
If you’ve fallen in love make sure you visit QVC as you can find these nail polishes (and lots more) on their website!

Here is a little video which has been sent to me for a few tips about prepping your nails before applying your polish!!

Click  Nails Inc to go to the direct page (and this range) on QVC!
(Price of this range – £21.75)
You can also view more Nail Polishes and ranges on QVC too!
Have you tried this range?
Have you shopped from QVC?
Let me know in the comments below!
Layla xxx
I’ll be posting these pictures on my Instagram too so make sure you click the links below!!
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    • I LOVE glittery polish too!! That’s the ONLY downside…that it takes a while to take off BUT what you can do is:

      Soak cotton wool pads in nail polish remover and wrap each nail, apply aluminium foil over the top which will hold the cotton wool pads in place!!

      Hope that helps!
      Layla xx

    • Hahaha! They’re absolutely gorgeous and even BETTER in real! There’s just so much sparkle and shimmer it’s unbelievable! I’m actually wearing a deep, dark blue nail polish and applied two coats of Diamond on top followed by a top coat and the shine/glitter/sparkle is just WOW!!

      I’ll take a photo and add it to the blog in a few days 🙂 xxx

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