Snow-time in the UK!!

As a lot of you know we’ve had some snow in the UK!
I LOVE snow…I was born in February聽(Amethyst) and my mother told me when I came out the hospital everywhere was white due to the snow and I’ve always loved it since I was little!
I remember that we used to get really bad snow days in the UK and everything seemed to run fine…about 4 years ago we went through a phase where we didn’t get as much snow as we used to and now that we get more than we expected everything seems to come to a standstill and I really can’t understand why!?
Compared to other countries we get very little snow so we should be better prepared!!
Anyway here are a few photos over the past 2 days!聽
The first day – Snow Day!

Snow Day – Photos
I feel like a little girl again when I see snow…it just comforts me when snow is falling from the sky and you can see it start to settle on the ground…
Day 2 – Snow in the UK
Snow Boots
Hahaha…this last photo makes me smile…I thought it would be fun to take a photo of my boots so you can see how deep the snow is!!
I’ll be writing a post about these boots…they’re my biker-ish boots which I am in love with!!
They keep my feet nice and warm, provide grip on ice and are just SO comfortable and so stylish…but I’ll keep all of this for another post! 馃檪
Who else has had fun in the snow??
Comment below and let me know!!聽
Layla xxx

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