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Motivation Monday – Do More Of What Makes YOU Happy

Motivation Monday – Do More Of What Makes YOU Happy



Motivation Monday – Do More Of What Makes YOU Happy 

Hey everyone! It’s the start of a new week and there’s lots of exciting things happening – I can’t believe how quickly time seems to be going by, there’s Christmas things in-store now…. ahhh! I haven’t even thought about Christmas yet!

I’m back with my Motivation Monday posts and today I’m writing about doing more of what makes YOU happy.

Motivation Monday – Do More Of What Makes YOU Happy – Stay Positive 

It’s easier said than done but you always, always, always have to remain positive no matter what life throws at you!

Remember – Positive energy will attract positive opportunities, positive people and overall, positivity  into your life.

Negative energy will attract the negative and this is what you don’t want (or need) so no matter what comes your way, always remain positive and stay focused on your goals, ambitions and aspirations!

Motivation Monday – Do More Of What Makes YOU Happy – Set High Goals 

What do I mean by “Set high goals” – basically, I mean that you shouldn’t settle for anything less than you’re worth in your work life and personal life.

If you want to go after your dream job – do it! Don’t let anyone stop you or put you down.

If you’re in a relationship where you’re constantly being told that you’re not good enough or that you can’t achieve something – leave! It’s easier said than done but if you set high goals you’ll always want to achieve more in your life.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – we are all here for a reason and we all deserve to get what we want in our lives.

Nothing is too big or too small – if it’s something that we truly want, we will always find a way to get there no matter how difficult it may seem.

It’s all about staying positive and remaining focused on your goal and ambition in life.

Motivation Monday – Do More Of What Makes YOU Happy – Think About YOU

Another thing which is easier said than done – I’m guilty of this!

You need to think about yourself once in a while as you matter too.

It’s brilliant to see people helping one another and supporting each other but don’t lose focus on what you want to do too.

You can put other people’s happiness first (I do this) but always remember that you matter too.

You need to make sure you have the time to focus on yourself whether it’s treating yourself to a pamper day, a bit of shopping or simply a coffee with friends and family.

You need to give yourself a break and think about YOU!

Motivation Monday – Do More Of What Makes YOU Happy – Everything Is Possible 


Everything is possible in life – we set our goals, our ambitions and aspirations! Nothing is too big or small and no one can tell us otherwise.

If you want to follow your dreams and go after a certain career path – YOU can do it, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not smart enough or that you’re not ‘right‘ for something. If you want it, you go after it.

Look at some of the most well-known people out there – all of them got turned away,  ‘failed’ and were told they would not be successful at one point or another but you know what they didn’t do….. they didn’t give up and neither should you!

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Everything in life is possible – life is beautiful and it’s up to us to take opportunities and make it become what we want.

The beauty of life is that you can get up and start again at any point – all you need is motivation, determination and positive thinking.

Motivation Monday – Do More Of What Makes YOU Happy – Surround Yourself With Good People 

Seriously – if you surround yourself with good people they will only support you on your journey and they will be the ones to be there when you feel down, not allowing you to think negatively.

So make sure you’re surrounding yourself with good people who will support you along the way and provide you with positivity you need.

Ah – I think that’s enough for now!

As you can tell, I absolutely love my Motivation Monday posts and could spend hours writing more but that’s all for this week haha!

I hope this has helped you in some way and hopefully this will help you in the week ahead too!

Remember – everything in life is possible, you might have to work really hard to achieve something but it’s the determination and the positivity which will help you get there!

If you have a dream – chase it and don’t let anyone get in your way!


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