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Melvita Extraordinary Oil – Review

Melvita Extraordinary Oil – Review

Melvita Oil

Melvita Extraordinary Oil


Melvita Nourishing Oil


I love Melvita and I cannot thank them enough for being so kind and sending me wonderful products to review, one of them is the .

On the box you can see that this can be used on the face, hair and body – I’ve tried them all so I’ll talk you through each one! 🙂


– My hair is really long and curly, it might look good but it’s a nightmare to look after as it’s prone to split-ends and being dry so this was a wonderful product to try. After a shower, I combed through my hair and spritzed a little through the ends and scrunched it into my hair.

I let my hair air-dry but could feel a little bit of oil on the ends. The next time I washed my hair I sprayed a little onto my hands and scrunched it in – maybe it wasn’t to be sprayed directly onto hair.

Again I wasn’t too impressed as I could feel it on the ends of my hair so I decided it wasn’t for my hair.


– I love applying oils, lotions and potions to keep my skin soft and smooth so again i was really looking forward to trying it. Again after my shower I thought it would be good to spray it onto damp skin and rub it in, it did sink into my skin after about 10 minutes and my skin did indeed feel lovely and soft.


-My skin isn’t dry so I had a little think about how to use this and there are some days when I’ll wear more make-up as I’m off to an event or out for the evening.

So I decided I would spray some on my hands and started massaging my face like I would with a cleanser, the oil immediately started to break down my make-up. I rinsed my skin with water to remove the majority of oil and then my normal cleanser.

I patted my skin dry with a flannel and loved how soft my skin felt – all my make-up had been removed including my mascara!

Now I don’t recommend you doing it the way I did, especially on the eye area, I would recommend using cotton pads and gently removing all your makeup using this oil and then follow up with a cleanser.

Would I recommend this to my friends and readers?

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Yes – I would and I am! I love how soft my skin feels after using this, although it didn’t work for my hair it has worked for my body and face.

Please remember that what may not work on me may work on you, I am just expressing my opinion about products I have used.

Where can I purchase this?

You can purchase the on their website. (Click )

How Much is it?

£27.50 for 100ml and it does go a VERY long way. All you need is 1-2 sprays maximum for your face and 1 spritz on each arm.

Have you tried the Extraordinary Oil?

Let me know what you think!

Layla xx

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    • You should try it at least once to see if you like it! If you have dry skin you’ll love it however if you’re like me and have combination skin I’d wait until winter to use it on my skin or use it when you want to remove heavy makeup!

    • Yay! I’m so glad you like it too…I loved using this on my skin but over the summer it’s not my choice to use so I’ll be keeping it for the winter if my skin needs a bit of a boost! 🙂 xxx

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