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Maybelline The Rocket VolumExpress Mascara

Maybelline The Rocket VolumExpress Mascara

Ok, so a few days ago I received a lovely coloured parcel (Hot Pink) from Maybelline…I was so excited and happy to see what I had been sent until I opened it.
What I found in the parcel was 2 pieces of paper and a mascara wand…..yep you read it right! 
A mascara wand!
Now I may sound a little bit harsh through this review but I have to be honest….honesty is the best policy!
What am I supposed to do with a mascara wand!?!?!??! 
I can’t review or write about a product if I don’t have the product to try out!
To me this seems like such a waste of Maybelline’s money, I really don’t understand what the marketing team were thinking….and to be honest it’s a little bit of an insult to send me a mascara wand.
What made the whole thing even worse is that Maybelline sent me a discount of wait for it…. £1!!!! 
Yes I get £1 OFF and I can’t even use it right now…I have to wait till the 13th February to use it!!
I’m sorry Maybelline but this PR marketing campaign for your new mascara is just plain stupid!
Mascara Rocket Volum’Express
You can see the gorgeous parcel pictured above and the ridiculous mascara wand.
Under that on the left is a little card which mentions the new mascara and on the right is my discount (which I can’t even use yet)
Did anyone else receive this??
Comments below people!!
Lots of love!
Layla xxx
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  • What went through their minds when they thought “HEY I know, lets send people the mascara wand without the mascara :O” “Best idea ever!”

    I mean come one, how stupid does a PR team have to be to not actually send you any product. You definitely don’t sound too harsh in your post, I completely agree with you Layla!

    Hope you’re well,
    Hannah xx

    • Hey Hannah! How are you??? Hope you’re well!

      I know it’s stupid and I still don’t understand what the point was with this…it’s really ridiculous and I hope Maybelline will read this and understand that this was a big massive FAIL and to never do it again!

      It’s more of an insult to receive a mascara wand and a £1 discount (which I can’t use yet) it just doesn’t fit together, it doesn’t work and by the looks of things it’s not only me that thinks this haha!

      Hope to see more of your comments!! Hope you’re well xxx

    • I really don’t know what Maybelline were thinking Becca!! Maybe they had too much to drink for a few days and thought it would be a good idea….I really don’t’ know!!

      hahaha Cray Cray….I love it!! Yes this is totally cray cray!!! 🙂 xxx

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