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LUSH – Emotional Brilliance at Lush! Lush fresh, handmade products review.

LUSH – Emotional Brilliance at Lush! Lush fresh, handmade products review.

One of the best things about being involved in the beauty industry is the fact I get to try some wonderful products and then share my review with you all.
I love working with different brands, seeing what new products are coming to the market, checking out new colours and technologies….it’s all fun in the beauty industry and I wouldn’t change it one bit.
LUSH ‘Fresh handmade cosmetics’ sent me some gorgeous products to review a couple of weeks ago and I have only just gotten round to writing my first impression about them.
I love the fact that LUSH cosmetics are handmade and on all the products you get told who your product was made by….I think that’s a really nice touch to the products and it’s not something you’ll see often.
I like the simplicity of the products….nice, neat and easy to read.
These are some products from the Emotional Brilliance Range which is super-cool and when you click on the page you get to play a ‘spin the wheel’ game with the products.
CLICK HERE to play LUSH Spin the wheel ( Emotional Brilliance Range)
As you can see in the picture above I got sent some wonderful products. 
TOP ROW (From Left Side)
– Charisma : Skin Tint (Bronze)
– Emotional Brilliance : Face Powder (Highlight / Pearl / Iridescent
– Feeling Younger : Skin Tint (Iridescent / Pearl)
BOTTOM ROW (From Left Side)
– Believe : Lip Colour ( Pinky / Coral )
– Perspective : Lip Colour ( Pinky / Nude)
– Inspiration : Eyeliner (Turquoise
LUSH – Charisma Skin Tint,  Emotional Brilliance Face Powder,  Feeling Younger Skin Tint
LUSH – Charisma Skin Tint CLOSEUP
LUSH – Emotional Brilliance CLOSEUP
LUSH – Feeling Younger CLOSEUP
LUSH – Emotional Brilliance Swatch
Charisma Skin Tint  – Apply before your foundation. This will give your skin a beautiful, warm, healthy glow. 
When you tan apply this with no foundation for a gorgeous healthy look.
Feeling Younger Skin Tint – Apply before your foundation on the upper-part of your cheekbones, the arch of your brow, down your nose, above the cupid’s bow and on your chin.
What will this do? 
When you turn your face the light will catch along the highlighter and give you a beautiful glow. You can also apply it to the inner corner of the eyes to make your eyes look wider and sparkle.
Emotional Brilliance – Apply to your nose, along the forehead and chin once your make-up is done just to set everything and make sure no oil/shine will appear during the day.
LUSH – Lip colour: PERSPECTIVE, Eyeliner colour: MOTIVATION, Lip colour: BELIEVE

LUSH – Lip colour : PERSPECTIVE closeup
LUSH – Eyeliner : MOTIVATION closeup
LUSH – Lip colour : BELIEVE closeup
LUSH – Believe, Perspective, Motivate SWATCH
Believe Lip Colour : Apply directly onto lips for a beautifully glossy yummy colour. This will look gorgeous with a tan.
Perspective Lip Colour : Apply directly onto lips for a lovely, delicate sheen. This will look gorgeous with a smoky eye.
Motivation Eyeliner : Apply along the upper lash line for a wonderful splash of colour. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara for a lovely contrast between the green and black. This will compliment all eye colours!
I tested all these products quite quickly but will be posting again about these products with a few photos of how they look on me and what types of looks I created.
Every product compliments your features and you don’t have to use them in the way I have mentioned. If you don’t want a warm tint all over your face you can use ‘Charisma’ along the cheekbones for definition and using ‘Feeling Younger’ along the upper part of the cheekbone you get a wonderful, healthy defined look.
The eyeliner wasn’t waterproof but it didn’t come off easily with water either. I had to rub my arm with fairy liquid to remove it so I think if you cried it would stay on so really this shouldn’t budge throughout the day either.
Use highlighters carefully and in the right places (which I have listed) if you don’t pay attention to where you apply your highlighter it can look like you have a shiny face!!!! 
A shiny face isn’t one of the best looks…..
Make sure you check out LUSH COSMETICS by clicking the link below.
Each time I walk by a LUSH store I walk a little slower just to inhale all those beautiful, fruity scents…..then I end up walking into the store and checking out all the bath bombs, lotions and potions!!!
Let me know what YOU think of Lush and their beautiful products!!
Have you tried them??
Layla xxx
P.S – I will be writing another post about these products and showing you some cool looks which you can re-create from the comfort of your own lovely home!
P.S More – The Bracelets I’m wearing in the pictures have been sent to me by ROSE MAE JEWELLERY and I will be writing a post about them this weekend BUT if you love them just GOOGLE rose mae jewellery and you’ll find them from various web stores!! 🙂
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