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MaxFactor Xperience foundation review!

MaxFactor Xperience foundation review!

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all well and having a good start to the week!
Well today I’m going to be reviewing a MaxFactor product and you may have seen me talk about this on an older post but I didn’t review it properly and as MaxFactor have been really kind they sent me the product to review so thank you very much to MaxFactor!! 🙂
I’ll be writing about MaxFactor’s xperience (lightweight) foundation in colour Brown Hessian #75.

MaxFactor Xperience foundation.
When this first came out I noticed how quickly it started to get really good reviews and I was impressed as I hadn’t seen a foundation in those few months get the amount of good reviews in such a short period of time.
So me being me, I went to Boots and bought it for my mama as she really wanted it after seeing the advert and of course she let me use it haha! 🙂
When I gave it to her it had already been opened (by me) and I was wearing it even though I couldn’t feel it…so far I loved it. 
My mum looked at my skin and said it looked lovely and natural, it had blended so well with my skintone it was like I wasn’t wearing anything. 
That’s the type of look I like, natural looking skin and I either play up my eyes or my lips never both. My nails…it’s a different story…
I liked the feel of the product, it lasted all day, no patches appeared and it really does feel lightweight but the only thing that lets it down slightly is the fact it doesn’t give enough coverage.
Next was my mama’s turn to try it so I sat her down, applied primer and then applied the foundation to her skin using a foundation brush and blending it around the nose area with my ring finger.
After 2 minutes her skin looked youthful and very healthy. I asked her how it felt and she couldn’t believe how lightweight it felt but agreed she would have liked a little bit more coverage.
All in all it’s a wonderful product, if you love the natural look then this is for you and if you like not feeling any make-up on your skin then definitely buy this!
 It’s really simple. The black gives it a clean yet mysterious look and the green just adds the pop of colour and it’s the X shape for the MaxFactor logo. I also like the way you can see the colour of the foundation in the clear rectangle just below the colour and product number information.

Brown Hessian #75 – the little clear box where you can see the colour of the foundation.
I’m going to give this a 9/10 as it’s a lovely product but doesn’t give that coverage I would have liked. The ideal product for me is something that feels lightweight but also covers any blemishes and scars. 
This didn’t cover as much as I would have liked but it did feel lightweight.
If you’re not that bothered about covering the odd blemish or if you’re just starting out with make-up and don’t like the heavy feeling this is the foundation that I would recommend.
You can pick up yours from Boots or Superdrug for £9.99.
Make sure you check out MaxFactor’s website at: for all the latest info on new products and colours!
Have you tried this foundation? If you have what did you think of it? Did you love it?
The next Maxfactor review is going to be the Ageless Elixir foundation. I’m really looking forward to this oneso make sure you keep checking the blog! 🙂
Layla xx
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  • sarah, thank you for commenting, yes it’s a lovely foundation but I have had a lot of feedback from friends and family who say they would have liked more coverage but were happy with how light the product felt!

    Krystal- I’m glad you like the review…thank you for commenting! 🙂

    Stacey- Thank you…yes the foundation is good…as a lot of people have told me and as I experienced it feels lovely and light but a bit more coverage would have made this even better! xx

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