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Rimmel fix and perfect primer review!

Rimmel fix and perfect primer review!

Well I’m sitting on my bed with my netbook and havn’t been able to think straight all day but I really want to write on my blog and tell you about a lovely new product I got sent by Rimmel because it’s a new must-have that should be in every make-up junkie’s kit!
It’s the new Rimmel fix and perfect primer! I know I did an older post about Maybelline’s primer and in no way am I saying it’s not good because it is but this (Rimmel’s) primer has a different texture and I wanted to write about it!! 🙂 
Fix and Perfect primer.
Let me start by saying I didn’t think it would be as good as it is…when I first put it on my skin it was like I was wearing moisturiser but the after effect is what’s best! Letting it sink into my skin for a few minutes I loved how soft and smooth it made my skin feel…it didn’t feel greasy but being used to Maybelline’s primer it felt a lot lighter hence why it has more of a moisturiser feel to it.
I put on my foundation and it blended wonderfully….my foundation looked smooth and even with a newfound glow/healthiness look to my face! I was happy and surprised at how good this primer was.
It lasted the whole day and I have to say it did keep my face matte but around my nose and chin there was a little bit of shine….nothing a bit of powder or shine paper can’t handle but it didn’t keep my face 100% shine free.
Between the two primers I have blogged about I can’t decide which I prefer only because they are so different from each other.
I’m going to draw up a little (mini) bulletpoint thing for each one.
Rimmel Primer.
  • Feels light like a moisturiser.
  • Sinks into the skin – leaving it smooth.
  • Keeps Make-up in place.
Maybelline Primer.
  •  Feels light but heavier than moisturiser.
  • Sinks into the skin but you can still feel a smooth silk feeling.
  • Keeps make-up in place
There’s not much difference between the two but with Maybelline’s primer you can feel a silkiness on the skin almost like a very thin barrier on the skin which is great as primers are used to protect your skin from Make-up and help it stay put.
Rimmel’s primer sinks into the skin but leaves it feeling ever so smooth meaning your make-up blends with no effort.
I’d recommend Rimmel’s primer with no hesitation at all and I do think I’ll be buying this once it runs out as I like how it makes my skin feel bright and smooth.
My mama prefers Maybelline’s primer only because she can feel a different type of smoothness to her skin which she prefers and that’s fine. Different people, different preferences! 🙂
I’ve mentioned above haha….I think it looks boring, nothing really catches my eye so I wouldn’t look twice at it but as people say don’t judge a book by it’s cover! 🙂 
5 in 1 Results on the front. Smoothes. Resurfaces. Brightens. Mattifies and Protects.
I’m going to mark this an 8/10. It feels lovely on the skin and keeps make-up in it’s place but shine does start showing around the nose and chin area from around mid-day. If you’re a girl on the go take some powder with you or blotting paper just for little touch-ups throughout the day.
You can buy this from Boots for £6.99.
As always make sure you check out Rimmel’s website for info about new products at:
And you can also find and ‘like’ them on facebook where they give you all the latest updates on-the-go at:
Let me know what you think! Comment and tell me! I reply to every person who comments…do you love or hate using primer! I want to know!!! 🙂

Lots of love..Layla xxx
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  • Rachel – let me know what you think if you buy it!

    Sandy, it’s lovely to hear from you! I’m glad you like the primer… a lot of people have said it feels lovely and I couldnt agree more! yes the makeup blends better after too! xx

  • I bought this two days ago and it makes my skin really soft. good review, it’s exactly as you say. my skin looked and felt smoother and my makeup went on a lot better x

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