Maxfactor false lash effect fusion review!

Hey guys, hope you’re all well and having a lovely evening. As I mentioned in my earlier post I said I would be writing about Maxfactors false lash effect fusion, volume and length mascara.
So here it is…the review!
When I got sent the Maxfactor mascara I had a feeling it would be a good product as I had used an older version and liked it but still my all-time favourite mascara is YSL faux cils effect…..nothing has beaten it so far!
Maxfactor fusion mascara review
Immediately I liked the look…it was a bright purple – eyecatching!!
I normally look at bright or sparkly things (yes including gorgeous jewellery…what girl doesn’t!?) whatever looks boring or lacks colour I don’t tend to look at….in a way I’m like a big kid…colours, glitter and sparkles I love! If I wear black I have to have a brightly coloured bag or statement necklace but getting back to the point…..I loved the colour and look of the mascara!
Looking at the bottom of the tube however…oh oh….brown/black!
I never, ever wear brown/black mascara…only because my eyelashes are so dark anyway I need to wear a dark mascara to define them more otherwise nothing shows up on them….or so I thought and as I received the parcel from Maxfactor in the morning I thought I’d try it out!
I applied two coats on each of my upper lashes and it didn’t look bad at all, no clumps..just lovely, defined, long lashes!
I was seriously impressed at how defined and dark my lashes looked considering it said brown/black as the colour….it may as well have just said black.
I applied another two coats and it looked really good…I’ve taken a picture of my lashes just for you to see.. I am wearing MAC’s smoulder eyeliner and a natural coloured Smashbox eyeshadow from one of their kits I bought from QVC.
(No phototouching or airbrushing has gone on in the photo….these are my NATURAL lashes!)
Im watching you…haha just kidding :p
The wand is lovely, it’s not a full wand like normal it’s like a comb with very deliacte spikes that brush each lash giving you a lovely defined clump-free look (best way I can describe it) but I do have a photo below so you can see what I mean!!聽
A close-up! Very delicate spikes that comb through the lashes leaving you with no clumps!
As I’ve mentioned above it’s a gorgeous electric purple and it caught my eye…this will look gorgois in your make-up kit, handbag, clutch yeah you get the point…it’ll look good!
I’m going to give this an 8/10. It defined my lashes and left them looking lovely but I did have to re-apply throughout the day!
This is definitely a good product, I would recommend this without a doubt and for the price you can’t really go wrong!
You can pick this up at Superdrug for 拢11.99 or Boots for the same price..wherever you prefer really! 馃檪

Make sure you check out Maxfactor’s website for the latest product info at:

Let me know what you think….love or hate….I want to hear from you! 馃檪
Lots of love…Layla xx



  1. 26th September 2011 / 9:30 pm

    aww thank you Hayley!!
    Try this mascara…apply 2-3 coats and that should lengthen them…let me know how you get on with it!
    Layla xxx

  2. Hayley
    18th September 2011 / 11:48 am

    your lashes look awesome! i wish y lashes would do that. i need to wear false lashes to get that look 馃檨

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