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Terence Trout Fashion Show With Blue!!!!!

Terence Trout Fashion Show With Blue!!!!!

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all well and having a lovely weekend so far!! 
It feels like I haven’t been on here in ages but I actually logged in early hours of this morning to edit my ‘Recent Work‘ page because I was at Terence Trout‘s fashion show last night for fashion week!
What a wonderful show it was, yes I had to go through a lot of models (and make-up) but I loved every single minute of it!! 

The highlight of my night was doing Blue‘s Make-up….yep the boyband….or manband…I don’t know what they prefer but I’ll stick to boyband!! 
I’ll stop typing now and upload some photos for you as that’s going to be the best part of this post I think….
Duncan James, Me and Lee Ryan.
Lee Ryan and Me.
Me and Simon Webbe.
Antony Costa.

Lee Ryan.

Duncan James.
For more photos on the Terence Trout Fashion show check out my ‘Recent work’ page, more photos will be added during the week and my website gallery will also be updated.
Before saying goodnight I’d just like to mention how lovely and down to earth the boys are, they were more than happy to have their photo taken, easy to talk to and just generally nice lads to be around.
Hope you all enjoyed that post, make sure to keep checking back in the next few days as my next Make-up review should be Rimmel’s GlamEyes Quad shadow.
Oh, also some random/useless info for you all…since last night I haven’t been able to get Blue songs out of my head hahaha!!! See I told you it was useless info!!!! :p
Love Layla xxx
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