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Lyst – Your World of Fashion

Lyst – Your World of Fashion



Lyst – Your World of Fashion – Hey everyone! So as a lot of you know, through my blog I’m always working with new brands and I’ve recently partnered up with Lyst – which I think you’re all going to love! 🙂

Lyst is your new online fashion destination where you can follow brands and keep up to date with everything that’s happening – all covered below!

What is Lyst?

For those of you who might not know, Lyst is a fully interactive shopping destination, you’re able to find everything you love in one place, follow brands you admire and you’re also able create a variety of wish ‘lists’ –  Gift ‘Lysts‘, Party Planning ‘Lysts‘, My Wish ‘Lysts‘ and so on.

Think of Lyst as a shopping website mixed with a touch of Polyvore but on a more professional note!

Why and How should I use Lyst?

Why shouldn’t you?

Lyst is changing the way people shop!

It’s so easy to sign-up, simply visit their website and in the top right-hand corner you’ll be able to create your new account… minutes!

Below you’ll be able to see some screenshots of the process – Lyst gathers information about the brands you love / follow creating a unique experience for you!

You’ll be able to find out what’s in stock, what’s new and one thing that REALLY stands out is the fact when something is out of stock, Lyst will hunt GLOBALLY to find it for you – how cool is that!?

It’s a fashionista must!

My Lysts

I’ve created a variety of ‘Lysts’ but my favourite is the ‘Wish Lyst Wardrobe‘ (you can change the names, add new titles, descriptions, add cover images etc) – I mean just look at the beautiful feature dress, it’s a Matthew Williamson Sequin dress which is perfect for the party season!

Click HERE to view my Lysts

Before letting you go to sign up I also want to add that you should check out the gorgeous collection of Shoes on Lyst too – there’s some stunning pairs on there and yes it’s true….I’ve been known to buy a pair of shoes just because they look pretty – and not wearing them!

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Sign Up To Lyst

All you need to do is visit the Lyst Website and go to the right-hand corner to create your account, you’ll then be taken to the pages below where you select what brands you love / want to follow and based on the information gathered you’ll have your own unique Lyst Profile! 🙂

lyst-fashion-blogger lyst-fashion-blogger Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 22.31.27 lyst lyst-alexander-mcqueen


I’d love to know what you all think – is Lyst something that you see yourself using? Do you love the features of being able to find something out of stock?

I’d love to know what you all think!?


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