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LUSH – Granny Takes A Dip

LUSH – Granny Takes A Dip


LUSH - Granny Takes A DipLUSH - Granny Takes A DipLUSh - Fresh Handmade CosmeticsLUSH fighting animal testing Lush - granny takes a dip reviewLUSH - Granny Takes A Dip - Review

LUSH – Granny Takes A Dip – Review *

LUSH is a favourite in the beauty blogging world – everyone loves their products especially the bath bombs that turn your bath all pretty and smelling amazing.

It’s been a while since I’ve featured a product from LUSH on here so here is my review about ‘Granny Takes A Dip‘ bath bomb! 🙂

LUSH – Granny Takes A Dip – Packaging

The packaging of Lush products are really lovely and simplistic, even though the packaging is dark it’s not miserable, the writing is lovely, it’s bold and white so it lifts the ‘darkness’

I love how you know exactly what you’re getting with LUSH – Fresh Handmade Cosmetics and I LOVE that they’re against animal testing – if it’s one reason to love the brand then it’s this!

I do think however that bath bombs should be packaged in something different, perhaps in a little box to make sure it’ll get to you safely without breaking into lots of crumbs BUT I’m not too bothered by how it arrived as I break chunks off and sprinkle it into the bath water!

LUSH – Granny Takes A Dip – Scent

The scent of this is beautiful and as soon as you start opening the package you just get this wave of lovely sweetness!

The real moment when you realise how gorgeous this smells is when you start sprinkling it into bath water – it’s a sweet, warming blend coming from the pepper and ginger.

Lemon has also been used in this but I didn’t really pick up on it….I got more of a fruity scent rather than fresh scent.

LUSH – Granny Takes A Dip – Colour

I know a lot of you want to know what colour it makes bath water but before I get there, just take a second to look at how pretty the bath bomb actually is, it’s so cute and I love the pink and blue colours – they’re bright but have a pastell-y look to them which is lovely.

What I tend to do is break off a little bit of the pink and sprinkle that into warm running water, this starts to turn your bath a lovely pink/plum shade, I then break off a little bit of the blue colour and sprinkle that into the water and this just makes the water turn a purple-y shade… adding more water and your own muscle soak or bubble bath it tends to turn into a beautiful yet delicate lilac colour which is extremely pretty!

LUSH – Granny Takes A Dip – Overall

I love this product, it’s so nice to use and makes bath time a lot more fun knowing that you’re going to relax in lilac coloured water – just add your own bubble bath for bubbles! 🙂

The scent is beautiful and I know many of you love the sweet, warmer scents and this is perfect for this time of year, you get warmth from pepper and ginger but it’s not overpowering – more sweet and slightly fruity in my opinion….gorgeous!

My skin felt SO soft and smooth after the bath too so that’s another bonus – we always want our skin to feel soft and smooth! 🙂

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LUSH – Granny Takes A Dip – Purchase

You can purchase this in-store and from the LUSH website for just £3.35 each and for the size of the bath bomb and how long it’s lasted me it’s a BARGAIN!

You’ll love the smell and look of it – it’s beautiful!

Click HERE to view Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb

Click HERE to visit the LUSH website

So, let me know what you think of this bath bomb  – have you tried it?

Do you think it’s as pretty? 🙂

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