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Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

Loreal Extraordinary Oil

Loreal Extraordinary Oil


L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Boots –£6.66 WAS £9.99 – Scroll Down for Greek 

For those of you who follow and read my blog you’ll know that I try to look after my hair as much as possible using different masks, treatments, lotions and potions.

A few weeks ago a family member from Greece came to visit and gave me this oil not knowing if it was available here, it’s the L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil for coloured hair.

About the L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

It’s described as a 5 in 1 miracle hair perfector.

If you look on Boots the 5 points which are listed as what the oil does are really stupid, to me ‘seems sumptuously smooth‘ and ‘flows with silky softness‘ are not really points….it’s like Boots are just writing the same thing in different ways to make the oil sound better.

However the way I would describe this oil would be a lightweight, non-greasy liquid that nourishes and smoothes hair. Can be used before shampooing, on damp hair and after styling to nourish hair.

What’s L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary oil like?

I can’t describe this as an oil as the texture is more like water with a hint of oil in it, it’s so lightweight and not at all greasy which is something that I really like as it makes it very different to other hair oils currently on the market.

The smell is absolutely gorgeous and indescribable, it’s so unique yet so lovely and there’s a slight sweetness to the smell which is really nice too!

How does hair feel after use?

I have only applied this oil onto damp hair after washing it and I do like the way my hair feels, it’s a lot softer, smoother and nourished.

How to apply the oil

After washing and combing my hair I apply it onto damp hair, starting from the ends (needs more attention) and working my way to the mid-length, then I scrunch whatever is left on my hands through the rest of my hair and let it air dry.

Other versions of L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

The one I use has a red pump which is for coloured hair but you can get a gold version too that I’ve listed below.

Red: Coloured Hair

Gold: All Hair Types

Overall thought

I really like this oil, it’s lovely and doesn’t feel like an oil which is a nice change.

Is it a ‘miracle‘ oil???

NO but that won’t stop me from buying it in the future.

If you have dry, damaged hair then definitely give it a go, I also think it’s really nice for wavy/curly hair as it gives provides moisture too reducing frizz! 🙂

If you have tried this let me know what you think, do you love the smell too?

Layla xx

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Προσπαθω οσο γινεται να προσεχω τα μαλλια μου και εκτος απο το συχνο λουσιμο δοκιμαζω διαφορα λαδια μασκες και οτι υπαρχει διαφορετικο στην αγορα.

Πριν λιγες ημερες ηρθε απο την Ελλαδα να μας επισκευτει μια θεια μου και μου εφερε το L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil νομιζοντας οτι δεν υπαρχει εδω.

Το περιγραφουν σαν μαγικο λαδι που ακουγεται λιγο υπερβολικο. Μεχρι τωρα δεν εχω βρει κατι που για μενα ειναι μαγικο.Το συγκεκριμενο θα ελεγα οτι ενυδατωνει τα μαλλια χωρις τα τα αφηνει λιπαρα θα το περιεγραφα περισοτερο σαν ενα ελαφρυ υγρο που περιεχει λιγο λαδι και αφηνει τα μαλλια απαλα και αυτο το κανει λιγο διαφορετικο απο ολα τα αλλα.

Μπορει να χρεισημοποιηθει πριν η μετα το λουσιμο η ακομα μετα το χτενισμα.

Υπαρχουν δυο ειδη το ενα εχει κοκκινο καπακι και ειναι για βαμενα μαλλια και το αλλο χρυσο καπακι για κανονικα μαλλια.

Σαν συμπερασμα το λαδι αυτο ειναι ενα ελαφρυ υγρο δεν λαδωνει τα μαλλια και τα αφηνει απαλα και ενυδατωμενα το χρησιμοποιω καθε φορα μετα το λουσιμο χρειαζεται πολυ μικρη ποσοτητα και διαρκει πολυ καιρο οσο για την τιμη του ειναι 9.99 και πολλες φορες ειναι σε προσφορα στις 6.66.

Ειναι ιδανικο για ξηρα και ταλαιπωρημενα μαλλια και μυριζει παρα πολυ ωραια.

Περιμενω απο εσας να μου πειτε αν το εχετε χρησιμοποιησει και τι νομιζετε

Φιλακια πολλα


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