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Lille, Christmas Markets And Food!!

Lille, Christmas Markets And Food!!

Hello everyone….I’ve finally had some time to sit down and write a proper post for you, I’m catching up with everything so this is going to be about my trip to Lille!!
 The (very, very early) morning came and I was awake like a shot…wearing mascara and my homemade lipbalm I was ready and out the door!
Wearing my cosy jumper, skinny-ish jeans and boots I sat in the back of the car thinking how much I would have loved to have been writing to you all on the move so you could enjoy the journey with me but I hope the photos will make up for it this time!! 🙂
When I arrived in Lille I went straight to the hotel, left my bag and picked up some leaflets to see what was going on (even though I was there for the christmas market)
My Lille leaflets from the hotel!!
I had a walk round with my family and instantly fell in love with all the gorgeous surroundings…I don’t know if it was the buildings that had amazing character or the christmas atmosphere, music and pretty lights but I liked the ‘feel’ of Lille.
A gorgeous building!
We walked to the christmas market and passed through the town…it was small but very pretty and christmassy (Photos below) but the main thing I noticed was all the amazing food! 
Christmas stalls at the market in Lille
I’m one of them girls that loves food but my sweet tooth is out of control and at the christmas market it was dangerous to let me loose….waffles, crepes, sweets, chocolate, omelettes and mulled wine…..I was in heaven!! 🙂

After having a look round and buying a few bits and pieces we headed back to the hotel to relax (armed with a chocolate waffle) before going out again in the evening!

Here are some photos for you!

A chocolate shoe!!!!

A chocolate snowman!!! How cool is Lille!?
My amazing hot chocolate in the hotel…presented lovely!! 🙂

The little chocolate that came with my hot chocolate 🙂 and of course the BarryM glitter polish!
Hmmmm which one to choose!?
The streets were soooo busy!
Lovely decorations everywhere!!

The view from the Ferris Wheel!
Well, It’s half 2 in the morning here in the UK and I’m awake editing the post and watching Oceans 11 (talk about multi-tasking!
If you have been to Lille let me know what you always I love reading your comments and I do reply to everyone! 🙂
I hope you enjoyed the post and the photos…I’m gonna go to sleepies now!!
Lots of love to everyone….sweet dreams, Layla xxxxx

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