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How To Start a Fashion and Beauty Blog

How To Start a Fashion and Beauty Blog



How To: Start a Fashion and Beauty Blog – I am super excited to be sat here and writing up this post as it’s something that I’ve been working on for a VERY long time!! 🙂

Since the launch of my blog nearly a year ago, I feel like I’ve come a very long way! I didn’t know anything about blogging and learnt from my mistakes!

After receiving a lot of emails and questions from you lovely readers I thought it would be better to write up a guide so I could write about things in detail and offer my advice, tips and tricks about how to launch (and maintain) a successful blog.

I don’t claim to be an expert in blogging but I’ve learnt a lot – everything happens for a reason and if I didn’t go through phases where I wanted to throw my Macbook out the window or if I didn’t burst into tears not knowing what to do then I wouldn’t have been able to write up this.

How To Start a Fashion and Beauty Blog 

Everything you need to know is covered in this guide – I’ve tried to include as many screenshots and images to help you along the way and below you can see some of the topics covered…..

– WordPress or Blogger?

– What’s more important? Blog Design or Blog Content?

– How to take photos for your blog?

– Where to find blog designs and blog designers to help you

– How to Monetize your blog?

and lots more….




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Even if this guide only helps 1 person then I’ll be happy – my aim is to help you achieve your goals of having a successful blog and hopefully put a smile on your face too! 🙂

You can click How To: Start a Fashion and Beauty Blog where you’ll be able to purchase it for just £4 and what’s more – you’ll also get to find out more about me, how I started blogging and also see pictures from my make-up work with celebrities….ooh!

I really hope you’ll all enjoy reading this guide – I put in a lot of time and effort into making it fun and easy to read! 🙂

You can also click HERE where you’ll see a ‘Share and get 10% off” – all you need to do is share on Facebook or Twitter to get 10% OFF your guide! 🙂

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