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How to get thick, long lashes quickly!

How to get thick, long lashes quickly!

long thick lashes tips

How to get thick, long lashes quickly!

I’ve had so many emails asking how people get long, thick lashes without using falsies so I thought it would be good to write up this post.

I’m extremely lucky as I’m blessed with dark, thick lashes and as many of you know I hate using false lashes!

This trick is something which I used on set on models to create thick, long lashes which still look natural and I really think many people will benefit from this tip!

Use Baby Powder for Long, Thick Lashes

Yes – you are reading this right! 🙂

The powder used for Baby’s Bottoms is PERFECT for creating long, thick lashes that still look natural and will last all day!

Below is a simple, step-by-step guide on creating the look.

– Apply your first coat of mascara.

– Right after applying the first coat of mascara, take an old eyebrow brush or old mascara wand and apply your baby powder from mid length to ends of lashes taking it right to the outer corner.

– Apply another coat of mascara – you’ll instantly see that your lashes look a lot thicker, darker and longer!

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You can repeat this process another 1-2 times maximum, you want lashes to look natural and without any clumps. I always use black mascara with fine bristles as this combs your lashes and defines them a lot more.

That’s it! 🙂

This is a secret which has been used for SO many years and is still used to this day to make lashes look longer, thicker and darker…it’s so easy to do and you’ll really love the results as it actually works!

Let me know if you’ve tried it or will try it! 🙂

Layla xx

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