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How To: Developing Your Personal Style

How To: Developing Your Personal Style



Developing Your Personal Style – In no way do I consider myself a style guru but what I do think is that over the past year my style has started to evolve.

I was the type of person that used to dress for people and I now I’m completely against it – I say, NEVER dress for someone….you need to wear what YOU want and what YOU feel comfortable in!

Here are a few tips on developing your personal style…..

Developing Your Personal Style – On a Budget

Don’t go crazy and start throwing out your ‘old‘ wardrobe – all you need is some imagination and a little bit of time.

Do you have a pair of ripped up jeans that you don’t wear anymore? Why not buy a piece of colourful material to stitch underneath the rips – this will add a pop of colour to your look and completely revamp them!

T-shirt too small? Don’t throw it out – If it’s a round-neck, turn it into a V-neck or even better – make it an off-the-shoulder t-shirt….

Developing Your Personal Style – Accessories

Yes! You don’t need to go crazy and throw out your clothes or go on a spending spree for new things, whilst it might be fun – not all of us can afford to do that when we get bored with our current wardrobe.

All you need to do is buy classic/timeless accessories and statement jewellery – along with a couple of dainty pieces that you can play around with.

Think outside the box – wear a chain bracelet with a small bandana wrapped as a bracelet!

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Developing Your Personal Style – YOU

The most important thing to think about is YOU!

YOU are the one that needs to feel comfortable in what YOU wear and only YOU can develop your personal style.

Don’t dress for anyone, don’t try to impress anyone – wear what YOU feel comfortable and happy in and your style will become unique to YOU!



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