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Blogging Tips for Busy People

Blogging Tips for Busy People



Blogging Tips for Busy People – I absolutely love posts like this, I love reading them and I love writing them!

It’s always fun to share tips on how to stay organised when blogging but the main thing for me is knowing that someone out there could benefit from this type of post and it makes it all the more worthwhile! ๐Ÿ™‚

Since I decided to blog full-time, I’ve had to up my game! I’m now at a stage where things are getting a lot busier so here are my blogging tips for busy people.

Blogging Tips for Busy People – Organisation

This is KEY to any successful blog – when you’re organised you can work a lot more efficiently, knowing that everything is organised allows you to keep on track of your schedule and helps you remain focused with blogging.

Have different notepads and diaries – one for your blog contacts, one for your post scheduling and another for your blogging ideas – you never know when you might get that ‘light-bulb’ moment for a great blog post!

I also like having my desk space organised, it’s so much nicer sitting down to a tidy/neat desk – a few candles, flowers and little accessories/blog props can help to brighten your mood but will give you that inspiration when it comes to blogging.

Blogging Tips for Busy People – Planning Your Posts in Advance

If you’re a busy person then planning your posts in advanceย will really help you out – it all comes back to keepingย things organised butย it seems a lot of people tend to skip thisโ€ฆ..

By writing andย planning your posts in advance means that you can select the day/time of when posts will appear online. Try and plan for a week or two in advance – this is a great way to take a couple of days off if you’re feeling unwell but your blog will still be ‘working‘ and publishing posts as normal.

What I tend to do is post one fashion post followed by a beauty or lifestyle post – provide variety for your readers as it’ll keep things interesting and will also allow you to write about different topics and reach a wider audience too!

Blogging Tips for Busy People – Take a Break


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From time to time you need to take a break – working continuously for hours won’t do you any good!

So turn off your laptop and go and grab a coffee with some friends, go shopping, spend time with your family or simply go and browse through new beauty launches to write about on your blog!!


I always love hearing from you and reading all your comments so please let me know what you think!


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