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Imperial Leather Foamburst Luxurious Body Wash

Imperial Leather Foamburst Luxurious Body Wash

Imperial Leather Foamburst

Imperial Leather Foamburst

Imperial Leather Foamburst


Imperial Leather Foamburst*

There’s something about Imperial Leather which I really like, they always seem to bringing out gorgeous products which smell incredible and this item pictured above is no different!

Imperial Leather Foamburst Luxurious Body Wash

Described as a ‘luxurious‘ version to their standard foaming shower gels, I was so excited to try this when I received it and as it was a ‘chilling’ day I went and had a shower to try this new product!

Imperial Leather Foamburst Packaging

I love the packaging, it’s very deep and mysterious and I love the colours too…it looks great against all my other products and it stands out against a lot of the other brands!

What was my first impression?

The first thing you see is a purple gel on your sponge which very quickly turns into white foam and as soon as water is added to the mix you’re in bubble heaven!

A little goes a very long way so that’s one of the main things…it’s quite frustrating to find a product you like and having to use a lot of it resulting in it finishing quickly….

What does it smell like?

It smells incredible!

It’s like a blend of fruit and you can really smell the blackberry and a hint of the fig with a deeper tone that Β reminds me of coconut…

The smell stays around for the day so if you shower in the morning you’ll still smell the fruity blend throughout the day and ever so slightly in the evening which is quite nice!

How does skin feel after use?

I was actually surprised at how soft and smooth my skin felt, I don’t think my skin has felt this soft without using an exfoliator.

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Even when taking the pictures, after rinsing my hand I could feel how soft it felt compared to the other and with that I’m extremely impressed as I haven’t been able to say that for other brands…yet!

Foamburst Genies

Imperial Leather is giving away daily prizes as well as 7 BIG prizes which you could WIN and they are all themed around their foamburst genies.

To find out more about the competitions and to see the Imperial Leather Foamburst genies you can click FOAMBURST GENIES !

You can also tweet Imperial Leather if you like this range @ImperialLeather or you can tweet and use #foamburst

So let me know what you think!!

Have you tried the NEW Foamburst range??

Layla xx

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