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Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Lipstick

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Lipstick



Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Lipstick (UK) – Hey everyone! I hope you’re all well and having a wonderful day – so far!

Today, I’m going to be writing about these gorgeous Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Lipsticks and as you can see they’re colourful and oh-so pretty! πŸ™‚

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Lipstick – Packaging

Like the rest of the collection, the packaging is lovely, eye-catching and you know if you walked into a store – these would definitely catch your eye!

The collaboration between Gwen Stefani and Urban Decay has been a wonderful one – everything has been thought through right down to the packaging.

Inside the boxes you’re greeted with the lovely lipsticks themselves continuing with the striking gold, white and black stripes – very Gwen!

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Lipstick – Colours

There’s 6 glorious colours in this collection, all of which are equally beautiful and equally striking – there’s definitely something for everyone whether you’re a red-lip lover or a more sheer lip wearer!

I absolutely love the variety of lip colours in this collection and like I say there’s something for everyone as you can really have fun with your make-up looks day-to-day!

Team your red or fuchsia lipstick with a simple cat eye-liner look or opt for a lovely smokey eye with that gorgeous nude shade – the best part is that all these colours suit every skin tones too!

Below, I’ve listed the lip colours in the range

(Left to Right)

  • Ex Girlfriend
  • Firebird
  • Phonecall
  • Wonderland
  • Spiderweb
  • 714

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Lipstick – Texture

It’s no secret that I love Urban Decay and this range of lipsticks is no exception – the textures are absolutely lovely, creamy & hydrating yet very long-lasting!

Unlike other lipsticks on the market, these hydrate AND nourish as you wear!

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Lipstick – Lasting Power

Like I’ve mentioned above, these lipsticks last very, very well!

I love all the colours but what I’ve noticed especially with the darker shades is that they turn into stains as you eat and drink so you’re still left with a colour which is great!

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Lipstick – Purchase

All these glorious colours are priced at Β£16 each and whilst some of you might think ‘oh they’re pricey‘ – think about it……

You’re paying for the quality of the lipstick and knowing Urban Decay – you won’t be disappointed! πŸ™‚

Gwen Stefani LipstickΒ£16

All colours available online

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Lipstick – Overall

I really recommend these lipsticks, they’re absolutely gorgeous and I know I sound like a broken record but I love them! πŸ™‚

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They’re long-lasting, highly pigmented and I think you’re all going to love them like me!

gwen-stefani-lipstick gwen-stefani-urban-decay-lipstick gwen-stefani-urban-decay-lipstick-collection gwen-stefani-urban-decay-lipstick-uk


You know what I’m going to say – I love reading all your comments so please do let me know what you think!

Have you seen these online or in-store? Do you have a favourite colour?

You can also see me using the eyeshadow palette from the collection by clicking here to view the video!



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