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Garden Upgrades – Transform The Space With These Simple Upgrades

Garden Upgrades – Transform The Space With These Simple Upgrades


Garden Upgrades - Transform The Space With These Simple Upgrades

Even though summer is over, you can still transform the garden space to enjoy throughout the year and in this post, we're sharing some of our tips.


Creating the perfect home environment is top priority for all of us - home is where the heart is and this is where we spend a lot of time so it's essential that we create the perfect atmosphere however - how many of us focus on the garden?

Your garden space should also be considered as an essential part of the home and by spending some time and effort on creating the perfect outdoor space, it means that you'll get to spend much more time enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

The very first step to creating a successful transformation will be to gain vision of the space and even though it might seem like a huge challenge - by clearing the garden of any unwanted items and clutter, you'll begin to see just how beautiful your garden space can be.

If you have a large shed and want to get creative with your garden space, think about transforming the shed into a 'summer house' with a seating area.

A few coats of paint can completely transform the look and also add that fun touch of colour to the space.


Transforming The Space

Interior designers always look for upgrades which will offer longevity and this is even more important when you're working on your garden space.

When choosing a lawn - you might want to think about an artificial solution which not only looks great at all times but gives you less work to do in the long run.

Hey - no more lawnmower! 🙂


Create a Homely Vibe

It's the simple things that count when it comes to making your garden space feel homely and cosy and if you follow this blog you'll know that all the team (and Layla) are huge fans of planters and lanterns!

Lanterns not only look great in your home but also dotted around your garden space too - when placed against trees, the glow from a faux candle can really transform the space by giving it a relaxed atmosphere which is what we all want after a long day.

The essential thing overall is to ensure your garden flows with your home - it shouldn't feel like a separate space and if you have a budget, one thing which you can do is install sliding doors to your home which will bring the outdoors indoors - blending the two together.

If you want to create more dimension in your garden, one other thing which you can do is split the garden into different sections - one for growing vegetables, another as your decking / seating area.

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When buying handrails or racing systems think about keeping them aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time.



You know we all love reading your messages so make sure you leave your comment in the section below! 🙂

Let us know what your perfect garden space would be like - would it be minimal, would it be filled with flowers and lanterns ? Let us know!

Hope you have a great day!

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