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Folli Follie Heart4Heart Shoulder Bag – London Fashion Week

Folli Follie Heart4Heart Shoulder Bag – London Fashion Week

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Folli Follie Fashion Blogger

(Blazer: River Island – Long Vest: River Island – Reversible Necklace: River Island – Jeans: H&M – Shoes: New Look – Handbag: Folli Follie)

Folli Follie Heart4Heart Shoulder Bag – London Fashion Week

Many of you who read this blog will know that I was lucky enough to work in partnership with Folli Follie for London Fashion Week.

I was kindly sent some items to wear and in this post I’ll be focusing on the Folli Follie Heart4Heart Shoulder Bag.

Folli Follie Heart4Heart Shoulder Bag – Design & Colour

As seen in the pictures above the design is relative simple but it exudes luxury and the statement clasp at the front gives it a chic feel too.

It’s perfect to wear during the day, for a night out and for occasions like fashion week – the perfect all round bag which instantly adds the glam factor to your whole look.

The colour is something that many people seem to love and it’s easy to see why…it’s a bright red but has a richness to it which is lovely. Perfect with an all black outfit or just as chic with a pair of denim jeans, white shirt and heels.

The clasp/lock is impressive too…it’s in the shape of a flower which turns to lock the bag…. a really gorgeous touch – see, safety can look great! 🙂

Folli Follie Heart4Heart Shoulder Bag – Purchase

This can be purchased from Folli Follie and I’ve got the links below for you.

Click HERE to go to the Folli Follie Website

Click HERE to go to the bag on Folli Follie

Priced at £165 it’s not the cheapest thing around BUT the quality is amazing and all the attention to detail is wonderful.

There’s different compartments to store your items and it’s big enough to fit a lot of items in it and still zip!

In the pictures above I had the following stored in my bag:

Camera / 2 Camera Battery’s – Big Purse – iPad Case / Document Holder – Filofax Diary – Makeup: Mineral Foundation, Mascara, Concealer, Lipstick, Makeup Brushes – Perfume – Book

I had all of that in my bag and it still zipped up and didn’t lose any shape – the quality is amazing and when you buy something from Folli Follie, think of it as an investment piece…you’ll wear it time and time again and as the quality is SO good, it’ll still look new 2-3 years down the line!

I mean, look how cute it looks on the front row 😀 – hahaha!

So, let me know what you think of the bag….do you love it as much as me?

Is it something you would wear or would you choose another colour? There’s more gorgeous colours online and I’m liking the look of the purple one too… 😉

Layla xxx

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Οσοι παρακολουθειτε το blog μου θα εχετε διαβασει για την συνεργασια μου με τη Folli Follie για το London Fashion Week.

Ειχα την χαρα να παρω την παρα πολυ ωραια κοκκινη τσαντα απο τη Folli Follie και αυτο το αρθρο ειναι αφιαιρωμενο σε αυτη τη τσαντα.

Απλη αλλα παρα πολυ φιγουρατη με παραξενο κουμπωμα σε σχημα λουλουδιου δινει μια νοτα ιδιαιτερη ακομα και στο πιο απλο ντυσιμο.

Το πολυ γλυκο κοκκινο χρωμα συνδιαζεται με ολομαυρο ντυσιμο η με μαυρο παντελονι ασπρη μπλουζα η με denim μπλε μαυρο η ασπρο. Με οτι και να φορεθει προσθετει μια ιδιαιτερη και πολυ σικατη νοτα.

Θα την βρειτε σε ολα τα καταστηματα Folli Follie στην τιμη 165 λιρες Αγγλιας / 175 euro που σιγουρα δεν ειναι και η φτηνοτερη τσαντα αλλα ειναι σαν μια μικρη επενδυση που με την ποιοτητα της και το style θα την εχετε για πολλα χρονια.

Περιμενω οπως παντα τα σχολια σας με πολυ χαρα και ενδιαφερον





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