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Floral Dresses – And Why We Love Them!

Floral Dresses – And Why We Love Them!


Floral Dresses - And Why We Love Them!

Written By: Sprinkles of Style Team

Location: London, United Kingdom

The warmer days are ahead of us (sunshine is always welcome in the UK) and it's time to switch-up your wardrobe, ditching the winter sweaters for summer dresses but not any summer dress - floral dresses!

Floral Dresses - And Why We Love Them!

As you will have seen in this post here - Layla loves floral dresses, especially in the spring/summer time.

Why do we all have such an obsession with floral dresses? It's because they instantly make you look 'made up' without a lot of effort. There's a variety of styles, colours and designs to choose from and there's something to suit everyone.

Take a look at Layla's dress for example (more photos below) - you can see that the pattern has a variety of features and colours which shouldn't work - but do. Not only do you have the floral print, there's also a leopard design too which adds a unique touch to the whole dress.

When shopping for your floral dresses, take a look at the style and ft too - wrap dresses always compliment due to the way they wrap over, defining curves and giving you an elegant look.

As you can see, the dress which Layla wore features a wrap-over design on the waist (defining curves) along with floaty sleeves for a delicate, girly look.

Shop Layla's Dress - It's on sale too!



Take a look at these two floral dresses - they're not simple floral dresses either!

Each dress has a beautiful design feature on the back but you need to click the links to see 😉



Ruched Detail Floral Dress



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Floral Detail Print Dress

Here at Sprinkles of Style HQ - we LOVE reading all your comments so let us know what you think of these beautiful floral dresses.

Are you a fan of floral designs or do you prefer something different?

Let us know in the comments below and hope you're all looking forward to the weekend!

The Sprinkles of Style Team

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