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Esprit New Season Collection

As a lot of you know, I was unwell and in hospital last week so I am a little bit behind on my posting schedule however I am getting back to normal and I have to say it feels lovely to be sat here typing again!

One thing I enjoy in my spare time is shopping, it’s no surprise and blogging about fashion and beauty…it’s excusable!

I LOVE browsing online first, one of the main reasons is because you can eye-up pieces you like and you might discover items which you might not notice when in store.

Esprit is a wonderful brand and every time I’m in London I’ll stop by and have a little mooch at all the different styles.

The thing I really like about Esprit is the originality, it’s not like your typical high-street stores, they offer variety and unique styles which I love albeit at slightly higher prices but in my opinion it’s worth it when you feel the quality of the clothing.

When Esprit hold a sale, they hold a SALE and online there’s currently 2500 pieces to browse through – yay! 🙂

Above you can see some of the pieces I’m loving – it’s from their new collection and yes I know that summer hasn’t finished BUT it is England and I am thinking of the Autumn/Winter weather we’ll be having soon.

Cape Coat – This is such a beautiful piece, I mean I can imagine myself wearing this, draped over my shoulders and teamed with a lovely white blouse and denim jeans.

See Also

Platform Ankle Boots – Beautiful, Classic and Elegant – just enough of a heel to still be comfortable during the day.

Court Shoes – An essential for everyone, again classic and timeless!

So, let me know what you think of Esprit – is it a brand you like as much as me?

Layla xx

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