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Emporio Armani Milan Fashion Week

Emporio Armani Milan Fashion Week


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Emporio Armani Milan Fashion Week

Emporio Armani unveiled it’s Autumn Winter 2014-15 collection at Milan Fashion Week this morning and it’s such a lovely collection.

A lot of brands have been focusing on ‘work wear’ and ‘suits’ for the Autumn Winter however no one can really cut it just like Giorgio Armani, he simply excels at collections like this as we can see in the pictures above.

Looking at the collection things may seem a little bland however when you look at the detail, the fitting, the tailoring you can just appreciate all the wonderful qualities and the talent from the designer.

I can imagine this collection being worn by a business woman in the city and at the same time by a fashion editor…it has an elegant feel to it which will instantly make a women look and feel better.

The outfit on the left is my favourite, it has a casual feel to it but with the layering of the jacket and accessories added like a scarf and gloves, it just brings out that elegance that I love!

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Well done Emporio Armani, this is an absolutely beautiful collection!

Layla x

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