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Blumarine Milan Fashion Week

Blumarine Milan Fashion Week

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Blumarine Milan Fashion Week

Oh Milan Fashion Week….I do love you with all the beautiful clothes flowing gracefully down the catwalk and Blumarine have just unveiled their new Autumn Winter 2014-15 Collection at Milan Fashion Week.

Just looking at the picture above you can see how beautiful the material looks and how elegant, feminine and chic the clothing is.

In the first design you can see how extremely beautiful the design is, black and gold compliments each other perfectly, the cloak layered over the dress is absolutely stunning and just looks beautiful.

In the middle we have another lovely outfit with stunning colours and again looking at the material it all looks very elegant, rich and just beautiful.

The oversized fluffy coat is beautiful yet again and I think we’ll be seeing fluffy coats everywhere in Autumn Winter as many brands have featured this in their collection.

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There is nothing I don’t like in this collection, it’s all incredibly beautiful and exudes an extremely feminine, elegant touch which is just lovely! 🙂

Layla xx

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