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Dining Table Center Piece

Dining Table Center Piece



Dining Table Center Piece – OK, so it’s about time that I get back to writing (and posting) some home decor posts!

You all know that I love my home decor and tend to change pieces of furniture and accessories as the seasons change – yes, I’m weird like that!

One thing that I love in Autumn and Winter is sitting round the dining table with friends and family, catching up and spending quality time together but really, it’s just another excuse for me to go shopping and get more things for the centre piece! 🙂

I love creating dining table center pieces, you can change things according to your theme and oh how much fun do I have when it’s Christmas and New Year – lots of candles, berry tones and sparkly things!

Dining Table Center Piece – Essentials

What are the essentials for a dining table center piece? Below are my essentials!

Vase & Flowers – You cannot go wrong with a beautiful vase and gorgeous bouquet in the centre of the table surrounded by tea light candles. If you have a big dining table a vase & flowers either end of the table with a couple of tea lights in the centre is equally cute!

Placemats & Coaster – A lot of people don’t think about placemats and coasters but they’re an essential to any dining table as they add a luxury feel. You can easily colour co-ordinate and change them according to your theme for the evening! 🙂

Wine Glasses – I always love browsing through the wine glasses when I go shopping for home accessories, there’s something really pretty about them especially if they have a design on them too – plus they look really pretty lined up in your cupboard with glass doors! 🙂

See Also

Candles – Where would we be without candles? I love them and haven’t met anyone who doesn’t….they’re just beautiful!

So, there we have it – a little post about dining table center pieces, let me know what you think!

Are you like me with decoration!?


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