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The Delights of a Designated Dining Room

The Delights of a Designated Dining Room


The Delights of a Designated Dining Room

So, what makes a dining room so special?

How can you transform a space to become a designated dining space?

Below, we've shared our tips and tricks on creating a beautiful (and much needed) dining space in your home.

It's been suggested that dining rooms are becoming extinct and it's easy to see why this might actually be the case.

Nowadays, it seems that more and more people are struggling to find space at home (especially in the UK) and with more layout designs being in an open-plan layout, a dining room tends to drop to the bottom of the list.

However, before dining rooms are dismissed completely, here at Sprinkles of Style - we're showing you why you need to have a dining space in your home and what benefits this can bring to you and your family.

Instead of sitting on the couch watching TV and munching on your food - think about the good old times when your parents would gather the family round to spend quality time together - it's a warm/inviting feeling and we're sharing our tips below.



Keep Guests Away From Smells

Think about it, you're hosting a dinner party and most people will go into the effort of ensuring their home smells lovely with candles, wax burners and essential oils however by having a separate space - you can open the kitchen window or garden door and keep things smelling fresh and inviting for guests.

Add a few scented candles in the centre of the dining table for a romantic atmosphere too.

A Room Dedicated To Style

If you follow Sprinkles of Style, you'll know that Layla absolutely loves decorating her home according to the seasons.

In this post she shared some of the essentials for the centrepiece -  how you should arrange your dining table centrepiece but don't forget to check out this article on 6 dining chair trends which will spruce up the room in no time!

Lack of Distractions

Eating a meal with your partner or family is such a crucial time to bond and come together.

However, when you're surrounded by little distractions - it can take away from the atmosphere which you've built up.

Keep your dining space classic, elegant and relatively peaceful to allow you to focus your meal, the company around your and you'll see just how much this will benefit your mood, energy and day.


Dining Rooms Encourage Slower Eating - Seriously!

Food is something which should be enjoyed. You shouldn't feel the need to eat your food quickly to move onto other jobs.

You need to allow your digestive system the time it needs as this all affects your healthy and energy levels.

See Also

By having a designated dining space, you should also allow yourself some time away from 'daily life' - enjoying the moment, the company and the room you're in.



Here at Sprinkles of Style, we all love reading your comments so let us know what you think about dining spaces.

Do you think it's harder to have a set space for a dining room or do you find the room to create a small space to eat with your family?

Are the certain centrepieces that you love?

Let us know!

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