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Cosy Jumpers For 2020

Cosy Jumpers For 2020

With 2020 round the corner, we’ve got some of the cosiest jumpers to keep you warm, snuggly – and stylish for 2020!

Sweaters are a go-to clothing item for many, many people as they can be styled and worn in many different ways.

Perfect for days in the office, and with the correct accessories, perfect for an evening meal or drink with friends.

Take a look at some of my go-to jumpers for 2020!

Pink Jumper Dress – Cosy Jumpers for 2020


How cute is this? As you can see, this is such a lovely colour – it’s a beautiful shade of pink!

What I love about this jumper is the length, for me, there’s nothing worse than finding a beautifully snuggly jumper – only to see that it’s too short!

This is where dress sweaters come in to play – I don’t wear them as dresses but they’re great for people like me who like longer jumpers.

I styled this with a pair of skinny dark blue jeans as I love the combination of dark blue and pink.

Pink Knitted Jumper Dress

Cable Knit Jumper – Cosy Jumpers For 2020


When it comes to cable knit jumpers, I have my go-to black options however this is a new addition to my wardrobe which I absolutely love!

This is PERFECT if you love black clothing as you’ve got the black detailing on the front and on the back however on the sides and sleeves – you have the white detailing which makes the design quite unique.

Again, this is described as a jumper dress however I wear it as a normal sweater – teaming this up with my skinny black jeans and cosy winter boots!

Cable Knit Sweater

Grey Turtleneck Jumper – Cosy Jumpers For 2020


These are my ultimate go-to jumpers! I love turtleneck sweaters, especially when they’re snuggly!

Again, this is a longer jumper and very oversized so this is extremely cosy and perfect for the colder weather ahead.

I love classic colours and I normally wear black however I find that grey is a wonderful alternative – it’s not a bold colour but it’s something different to wear.

It looks great with both black and blue jeans and you can just about see the jeans I’m wearing with this.

They’re from H&M, part of their shaping denim range, and they’re black with grey and white – bringing the whole look together.

Grey Knitted Turtleneck Jumper

Black Turtleneck Jumper – Cosy Jumpers For 2020


OK, I love turtleneck jumpers so much that I had to feature it twice and yes – in black!

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As you can see, this is very oversized but so, so cosy! I absolutely love the style and length and you can easily dress this up or down.

I kept this really simple however you could layer your favourite necklaces over the sweater or even wear a belt on your waist – adding accessories to your look and having fun with your style.

For this look, I teamed the sweater up with my faux leather jeans and cosy ankle boots.

Here’s a good tip too – if you get cold during the winter days, layer a t-shirt or thermal vest underneath the sweater. Keeping you warm and cosy.

Black Turtleneck Jumper

You all know that I love reading your comments so let me know what you all think of these jumpers and if these are something you’d wear?

Have you spotted any lovely sweaters on the high-street?

Let me know!

Layla x

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