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Cosy Bedroom Mood Board

Cosy Bedroom Mood Board



Cosy Bedroom Mood Board

OK, so I know this might not be your typical mood board complete with colour palettes however it’s my version of a mood board and I like this haha!

As a lot of you will have read in my previous posts, I’m currently working on my blog as I want to start writing about more topics, this will include – home decor, baking and travel.

Over the past month, I’ve been re-decorating my home…. from top to bottom and now it’s in the final stages, I’m doing the best bit – accessory shopping!

Starting with my bedroom, I’ve kept everything rather simple yet elegant I’d like to say, it’s very similar to the picture above (not my photo) – a rich cream shade on the walls, a beautiful cream bed which matches the super-soft cream carpet along with white furniture and double-layered curtains.

Now, I get to have fun and go shopping for all the accessories I need (or want) along with plenty of candles and room scents.

Below, you can see all the items I’ve featured in the photo above including some of my picks on different bed styles, headboards and mattresses.

One thing a lot of people don’t mention in bedroom homes decor posts is their beds or mattresses – many people just stick with accessories.

I’ll admit – when I was younger, I didn’t pay attention to things like this! I just wanted my bedroom to look pretty (and pink) however as I’m getting older, I realise just how important it is to have a lovely bed with a good-quality mattress – of course, I still want everything to be pretty though…. 😉

Shop – Accessories

The accessories featured above in the photo are listed below. To shop, all you need to do is click each one and you’ll be taken straight to the official website pages.

– £9.99

– £4.99

– £39.99

– £21.00 (Sale)

– £8.99

– £14.00

– £149.00

Shop – Beds, Headboards & Mattresses

Here you’ll find some of my top picks of beds, headboards and mattresses – add that touch of luxury to your home!

Fishpools Mattresses 

Fishpools Pocket Sprung Mattresses  (Selection)

See Also

Fishpools Memory Foam Mattresses  (Selection)

So there we have a few different options and styles – if you’re on a budget you can get a simple bed and then buy the headboard separately which will ultimately cut the costs and you still get that luxury feel for a lot less.

I’ve just purchased my new bed, it’s a double bed which lifts-up with storage space underneath, this is great for me as I need all the storage I can get with all the things I get sent to feature on here!

The headboard is also a part of the bed, it even has little crystals and I’ll be showing you all the details very soon – as soon as I buy all my little accessories, candles and room scents haha! 😀

On another note – if anyone has any queries about which mattress to purchase, I can’t really comment on this as 1. I’m not a mattress expert and 2. It’s simply down to your personal preference and if you’re suffering with muscular problems etc – this is why I’ve linked to the selection pages so you can read about each type and see which you like/prefer 🙂

You know that I always love reading your comments so let me know what you think!

What type of bed do you have? Do you decorate according to a theme? Do you change furniture and accessories during the winter months and summer months?

Let me know! 🙂


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