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Braun Sensocare Styler

Braun Sensocare Styler

Braun Sensocare Styler

Braun Sensocare Styler

Braun Sensocare Styler

Braun Sensocare Styler

Braun Sensocare Styler

Braun Sensocare Styler

Braun Sensocare styler

Braun Sensocare Styler

Braun Sensocare Styler

Braun Sensocare Styler


Braun Sensocare Styler* £89.99 (Argos)


I always say it but I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with so many wonderful brands thanks to my blog and the latest brand to work with me has been Braun.

Braun is a world renowned brand so there’s no need for an introduction however I will be introducing the product I’ll be talking writing about.

I was kindly send the new Satin Hair 7 Braun Sensocare Styler….does it sound like a jumble of words?

No worries…I’m here to go through all the details – yay! 🙂

About the Braun Sensocare Styler

The Braun Sensocare Styler is one of the most advanced hairstylers on the market and the main thing I love about this is the automatic temperature adaption! How fab does it sound! 🙂

Yes! It adapts temperature as you style so you won’t get heat damage meaning your hair will look and feel healthier*

* After long-term use


Braun Sensocare Styler Technology

As mentioned above the technology is advanced making it one of the most advanced styling tools currently on the market, not only does it prevent heat damage, it helps you style your hair better, adapts to the right temperature for your hair length and texture and it also detects the moisture levels on your hair…again preventing any damage!

All in all it’s designed to make your hair look and feel healthier – hooray!

Below I’ve got a picture from Braun’s website where you can see more details about the styler!

Braun Sensocare Styler


I absolutely love the ‘Advanced Display Guidance‘ it’s one of the cutest things I’ve seen and again it shows you how much thought has gone into the Braun Sensocare Styler…Braun have really pushed the boundaries and I think we’ll be seeing other haircare brands doing similar things thanks to Braun!

When you’re running the Sensocare styler through your hair a little too fast the smile on the display turns into a frown and me being me…I want to turn that frown upside down and I slowly style my hair.

The Braun Sensocare Styler has actually helped me take better care when styling my hair and although it’s a little boring when styling your hair slowly you do get a better result and you don’t have to go over your hair so many times meaning you don’t damage it…see it all makes sense now!

Braun Sensocare Styler Review

When you switch on the device you’re greeted with a little menu which asks you about your hair, length, texture and if it’s been coloured.

See Also

I set it to the longest setting, my texture is between fine and thick and my hair is coloured….hide all them grey hairs haha!

As you can see in the picture from Braun’s website there’s a really sweet smiley menu, one smile for the speed you’re styling your hair and one smile for the moisture of your hair…this is not meant to be used on wet hair!

As I’ve mentioned above you do need to be quite patient with the Braun Sensocare Styler, it takes a couple of minutes to heat up and you do need to style your hair slower if you’re taking notice of the little smiley faces however it does protect your hair against heat damage so that’s a bonus.

if you’re a GHD user you won’t appreciate the time it takes to heat up…GHD’s get warm in a under a minute and you can start styling straight away – this is the only downside!

Do I recommend the Braun Sensocare Styler?

Yes I do!

I’m not saying I’ll give up my GHD’s for good as they’re the number 1 tool for me however I will be ditching them for a while and using the Braun Sensocare Styler more often as I do feel like it doesn’t damage my hair as much and I love the smiley faces.

The styler makes my hair feel silky smooth, soft and looks super-shiny…I’m actually amazed at how shiny my hair looks after using this!

You’ll be able to see the details on the next post where I’ll be showing you my hair in different styles after using the Braun Sensocare Styler!

The ONLY downside and I mean ONLY is the fact it takes a few minutes to heat up….that is the ONLY downside to this tool, if it was quicker it would probably knock GHD from the top spot of my styling tool!

Like I’ve mentioned above I have several posts coming with my hair styled using the Braun Sensocare Styler and I am SO, SO excited to get it all written up! 🙂

As always, I look forward to hearing from you gorgeous readers….if you’ve tried this please let me know what your thoughts are!

Layla xx


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  • I try not to use many products as my hair is in really bad condition after I bleached it but I like how this protects hair so I may look into this and see about getting it….maybe! 🙂

    • Oh no!! Poor you Kelly! Have you tried intensive hair masks and oil treatments every week? That’s one of the things I do when I feel like my hair needs some love! 🙂
      This is wonderful as you can manually adjust the settings and have it on a low heat too so it could be something for you! 😀 xxx

  • Awesome post this sounds like a good tool. I use a curler but it does dry my hair and causes a lot of damage. I love how this protects hair and adapts…have you seen a difference? 🙂 x

    • Hi Janine, try using an intensive face mask every week just to give hair a bit of a boost! I have seen a difference yes…my hair felt a lot softer after using it and as you can adjust the settings you can use low heat to style hair which means you won’t damage it like you would using a GHD…..I’m very impressed and have more posts coming soon! 🙂 xxx

  • Oh my, how pretty are your photos! You always make them look so nice and focus on the detail.
    The detail on the front of the styler that looks like its rubber is it a little area to hold while you style? xx

    • Thank you Polly….I do try!

      Yes on the front there’s a little section (pictured) which allows you to hold the styler without getting burnt….everything has been taken care of thanks to Braun – yay!!!! 😀 xxx

    • Hi Manya, yes it does work on curly hair! My hair is curly/wavy and it’s worked just fine on it…the only downside is the time it takes to heat up like I’ve mentioned but all in all my hair feels so lovely and soft! 🙂 xxx

  • Stunning post darling, this sounds fabulous! My friend has the hair curler I think as her hair is straight and that looks very nice too.
    My hair is curly so I look for things like this is your hair curly Layla? x

    • Hi Penelope, thank you so much for your lovely comment! Ooh, the curler! Does she like it?
      My hair is wavy/curly as it’s quite long so the curls tend to get wavier and it works just fine on my hair….the only downside like I’ve mentioned is that it takes longer to heat up but you can control heat settings which means you won’t damage hair as much!

      I’m so impressed with Braun – I have more posts coming soon with different hairstyles after using this! 🙂 xxx

  • What a lovely post. This looks advanced! I also use a GHD but it does take ot out of my hair and feeling really dry. I like how it protects hair like you said against heat damage 🙂

    • Yes it’s a wonderful styling tool Sophie and Braun have put in so much thought, I’m so impressed with this!!! 😀 xxx

  • I love finding out about new styling tools and I havent heard about this before so I will be looking at it as I like how it tells you about the speed of styling.
    HAs it helped you take care of your hair? x

    • Hi April, Thank you for your comment! It’s a wonderful item and I love the thought that’s gone into the product from Braun!
      It has helped me yes, I style my hair a little slower now and of course that means having to go over it less times which means that it doesn’t damage it.

      My hair feels lovely and soft too and the shine is incredible….I have a few posts coming soon with styles after using this so make sure you check back! 🙂 xxx

    • Aww Thank you so much Melissa! This is such a wonderful styling tool and I’m really impressed with the features Braun have included! 🙂 xxx

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