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Braun Beauty Press Event

Braun Beauty Press Event


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Braun Beauty Press Event

Hello everyone, this is a different post to normal…it’s quite a nice change to be writing about a press event! 🙂

I was recently invited to a private event, this was of course the Braun Beauty Press event, a red-carpet, oscar themed night to showcase one of their newest launches – the Skin Spa Epilation System.

The only thing I will mention about the Skin Spa Epilation System is that it can be used for a number of things and the packaging is GORGEOUS and also has GLITTER!!!!! Yes…GLITTER!!! 😀

I cannot wait to write up my review on it but all will be revealed soon haha!

More about the Braun Beauty Event

 I was greeted by the wonderful Braun girls, it was so lovely to finally meet them all in person!

The suite we were in was also gorgeous, ignoring the dodgy artwork on the walls, the whole room had been decorated beautifully with candles and flowers…you can never go wrong with candles and flowers.

On either side of the room there were manicure stations and in the middle were some lovely tables decorated like we were at the Oscars, it was all so lovely!

As you can see in the picture above, the champagne was flowing and if you scroll through to the next picture you’ll be able to see that we were give yummy food! I munched on the scrummy chocolate brownies – I never say no to chocolate haha! 🙂

I then headed to one of the manicure stations and had my nails done. I picked ‘Midnight Blue‘ by Max Factor from the gloss-finity range, if I remember correctly. Essie base and top coat.

I was then shown the wonderful Braun Skin Spa Epilation System and it was used during the manicure too, this is where I noticed the beautiful packaging.

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After my manicure I then started chatting to some lovely bloggers, this is one of the reasons I love attending press events.

I get to meet and talk with some wonderful people and I really am grateful for all the opportunities I’m having thanks to my blog.

Like I mentioned, I have a wonderful review coming soon of the Braun Skin Spa Epilation System….so excited!! 🙂

Let me know what you think….love the brownies? 😉

Layla xxx

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