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Body Shop Colour Crush Sugar Glaze Eyeshadow

Body Shop Colour Crush Sugar Glaze Eyeshadow

Body Shop Colour Crush Sugar Gaze Eyeshadow

Body Shop Colour Crush Sugar Gaze Eyeshadow

Body Shop Colour Crush Sugar Gaze Eyeshadow

Body Shop Colour Crush Sugar Gaze Eyeshadow


Body Shop Colour Crush Sugar Glaze Eyeshadow* £7.00


Eyeshadows are gorgeous and a must-have in my opinion…it’s quite rare that I won’t wear an eyeshadow as I just think it gives the face a lovely glow and really defines the eyes, sometimes eyeliner just isn’t enough!

My go to eye look is a simple smoky eye, keeping it natural for the day with creams and browns and then adding touches of black and silver to give it a glam feel for the evening.

I was recently sent a lovely eyeshadow from the body shop’s colour crush range called Sugar Glaze (spelling mistake on the back of the eyeshadow).

The Body Shop Colour Crush Sugar Glaze Eyeshadow

Sugar Glaze is a beautiful crisp white colour as an eyeshadow however when applied it turns into a lovely iridescent shimmery eyeshadow…think of it like shimmery snow! 😀

How to use

This isn’t just an eyeshadow…I’ve listed a few ways you can use this lovely product to give your skin a glow.

Eyeshadow Base: This can be used as a base colour for other shadows…a white base will help bring up any colour applied over it and gives a subtle shimmer which brightens the eye area.

Eyeshadow: This can be used all over the eyelid as a simple colour, teamed up with black eyeliner it’s really stand out and contrast and just give you a lovely look which can be achieved in minutes!

Eyebrow Highlighter: Use a highlighter or this on the arch of the eyebrow to define, widen and brighten the eye area…perfect for them mornings!

Cheek Highlighter: Another way of giving skin a healthy glow, this can be used along the cheekbones (delicately) to define.

Cupids Bow: Give lips a plump look and apply a touch of highlighter or this eyeshadow on the cupids bow…the light reflects making lips appear fuller. Apply a balm or gloss.

See Also

So as you can see this can also be used as a highlighter due to it’s colour and the fact you can build up the colour, it’s got a slight shimmer to it but it’s ever so delicate and lovely.

Where to buy

You can purchase this lovely eyeshadow by clicking HERE for £7.00 but remember you can also use it as a highlighter too 🙂

I think this is a lovely colour, the quality is great, it lasts all day and it can be used as an eyeshadow and highlighter which I love and I think many of you will love too! 🙂

Let me know what you think about this eyeshadow, have you used any of the colours from the colour crush range??

Would you use it as a highlighter?

Let me know!

Layla xxx

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