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Black and Red

Black and Red



Black and Red

It’s Sunday – Hooray!

Normally, I’d be writing a motivation post or something to do with the weekend however, as promised – I am now getting back on-track with everything and slowly catching up with all my posts.

Like I’ve mentioned in my previous posts too, I have some exciting things on the way including a few new features for the blog which I thin you’re all going to love, all in all – fun!

A few days ago, I visited Bath – it’s a place that I’d never been to before and (obviously) decided to take some pictures.

I was wearing a black and red outfit (hence the title of the post) and as a lot of you know, I love wearing black but wanted to add a touch of colour to the look.

For me, red is a powerful colour – it makes a statement so I decided to team it up with an all black outfit as I want people to be able to visit the blog and think “I can wear that too” – of course, I love dressing up but there’s times when people want to see ‘real’ clothing too! πŸ™‚


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Hope you all have a wonderful day ahead – stay tuned as there’s lots of wonderful things coming onto the blog soon! πŸ™‚


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