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Bedroom and Workspace In One – Inspiration

Bedroom and Workspace In One – Inspiration


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Sometimes, all you need is that little bit of inspiration to create a space that you can call your little haven.

There's nothing better than creating a workspace that works for you and your needs.

Now, more than ever, people are working from home so let's take a look and see how you can create a bedroom and workspace all in one.


Over the past few years, we've really seen a rise of online businesses. Now more than ever, people are working from home and here in the UK - we know just how limited space can be.

In this post, we've put together some inspiration on how you can transform your bedroom into a workspace and of course - we've got everything covered.


Bedroom Workspace 

It's rather common for people to turn their bedroom into a workspace and more often than not, it's a desk tucked away in a corner teamed up with a couple of shelves and perhaps a cabinet for some storage.

As mentioned in previous posts, you really need to dedicate some time and effort into creating a lovely workspace for yourself - especially if you work from home.

Adding some pretty accessories, investing in some key furniture and making the effort will really make a difference ensuring you'll feel a lot more motivated.

If you have a spare bedroom - think about transforming the room, you'll be surprised at how much easier it'll be to get work done!

Bedroom Furniture

The same amount of focus you put into your workspace, the same amount you'll need to put into your bedroom furniture.

This is your little haven that you can relax in, so try investing in key pieces. You might pay a bit more but - it's worth it!

If you can't afford something all in one go - there's no harm in checking out home shopping catalogues which allow you to purchase furniture and items, paying back in a certain time frame, with no interest.


Bedroom Workspace Accessories 

Accessories are they key when it comes to home decorating, they can really transform a room and make a place look lovely and unique to you and your style.

Your workspace shouldn't be too bland of office-like, pick pieces that will compliment the vibe of the room - even colourful items here and there can bring everything together.

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Try adding some shelves above your desk space and have fun with the bracket colours, if they're white, spray paint them gold or silver and purchase matching accessories.

Pictures and frames also work wonders but if your workspace is in your bedroom, pick items which can compliment one another such as a white desk with a marble end-table.

Then, add white candle-sticks on the marble end-table and marble accessories on your desk to bring the whole look together.

Let us know what you think about workspaces - have you transformed a room for your workspace or dedicated a section in your room?

We love hearing from you!


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