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A beauty blogger that loves Formula1??? Really??

A beauty blogger that loves Formula1??? Really??

Hello everyone…. hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, eating lots of food and enjoying the sunshine! It’s colder today but I’m not complaining…when it’s sunny everyone is happier, nicer and I get to wear my pretty skirts, flip flops and vest tops!
I need to admit something though…I think I may be the only *beauty blogger* that LOVES formula1….yes I love it!
 I wake up early when theres the practices and I got up this morning to watch the Malaysian GP race!
 I will probably get sooooo many people telling me how sad I am but I don’t care! hahaha!
I couldn’t believe what happened to Vettel right at the end…as I said to my brother when we were watching it, it must be so annoying going through the whole race and then one thing goes wrong and you have to stop just before the end but that’s how it is!
I also have to say everything seemed to be going wrong for Jenson Button which is a shame as I would have prefered to see him in Lewis Hamilton’s place  but as I’ve said above that is how the races go!
There’s about 2 weeks-ish to wait for the next race which is in China and I’m already looking forward to it hahahaha!
Anyway thats me for now and I promise my next post will be based on fashion/beauty/make-up and anything related hahaha!!!
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Do you watch formula1? If you do who is your favourite driver? What do you think of the results? (I didn’t write the results as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who may be watching the repeat)
Let me know!! I want to hear from YOU!!!!! 🙂
Layla xxxx
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