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Beauty: SVR Physiopure Eau Micellaire Review

Beauty: SVR Physiopure Eau Micellaire Review


Beauty: SVR Physiopure Eau Micellaire Review

Written By: Layla - Instagram @layladbeauty

SVR Laboratories says: "...this is ideal for women looking for perfect make-up removal in a single step."

Are you looking to cleanse and nourish your skin with no-fuss products? Keep reading as this might be something for you..... 🙂

SVR Physiopure Eau Micellaire Review

The Brand

SVR Laboratories - a French laboratory with a family history, starting back in 1962, it's now one of the biggest brands on the French market, growing in size yet remaining true to it's values.

The brand provides unrivalled skincare to create and maintain beautiful skin - let's face it, who doesn't want that!?

The Products In This Article

As you can see, in this article I'm featuring two items from the brand. Both are perfect for summer as they cleanse whilst refreshing your skin however we'll be going into much more detail further below...

SVR Physiopure Eau Micellaire - A cleansing and cooling Micellar water which is pure, light and mild on skin.

SVR Physiopure Tonique - This is a toner (also known as lotion) to soothe, nourish and refresh your skin. Again, pure, light and hydrating.

SVR Formulation

SVR Laboratories is a brand that specifically develops and formulates products which work with your skin during the day and evening.

All products are suitable for even the most sensitive of skin and most products are alcohol-free.


What is the PHYSIOPURE range?

The Physiopure range is the first range of cleansers at SVR Laboratories to contain magnesium oxygenating make-up removal.

The active ingredient is called PHYSIOPURE which is a precious trace element found in the range of products - playing a fundamental role in the cellular respiration process, leaving your skin perfectly oxygenated.

The products which contain Physiopure also help to balance your skin levels leaving it feeling nourished, healthy and fresh.


This is a product for everyone - men and women can benefit from the SVR Physiopure Eau Micellaire as it's ideal for people who are looking to cleanse and refresh their skin with 1 product.

The SVR Physiopure Eau Micellaire water acts like a magnet, drawing out any impurities from the skin - pollutant particles are removed and skin is left looking and feeling radiant.


How I Use SVR PHYSIOPURE Eau Micellaire

I personally use this in the evening before cleansing my skin whether or not I'm wearing any make-up. I just feel like it's a nice step before cleansing my skin to remove impurities (or make-up) from my skin.

Around 10 minutes before cleansing skin, I apply this onto a cotton pad and wipe over face and neck area, letting the ingredients work for 10 minutes or so before cleansing / exfoliating my skin.

(I'm not the biggest fan of Micellar waters in general however since adding this to my beauty routine (evening beauty routine), my skin has felt and looked a lot healthier - I'll be featuring all my current skincare products in a post soon.)


SVR Physiopure Tonique

The final step in make-up removal and something everyone can benefit from as it nourishes your skin whilst eliminating every last impurity.

The toner (also known as lotion) helps to prepare your skin for the next step, allowing it to absorb your moisturiser / serum or night cream much better.

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I use this in the evening after cleansing / exfoliating my skin to provide that extra boost of hydration and nourishment, especially in the summer months, whilst preparing my skin for the next step.

As I use this in the evening, I normally follow it up with my night cream or serum and then apply eye creams - depending on how my skin is looking and feeling.

(Just like with the SVR Physiopure Eau Micellaire, I use the SVR Physiopure Tonique in the evening before applying a night cream or serum. In the summer months, this refreshes and hydrates skin so much more.)



So there we have the SVR Laboratories Physiopure range online - you know that I love reading all your comments and cannot wait to see what you all think of the products!

Do they sound like something you'd include in your beauty routine?

Let me know what you all think and can't wait to read all your lovely comments.

x x

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