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So...? Unique Body Mist Gift Set - Beauty Gifts
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So…? Unique Mist Gift Set

So…? Unique Mist Gift Set


If you’re looking for something which is slightly higher-end from the So…? Gift range then have a look at the So…? Unique Mist Gift Set.

The gift set in itself isn’t only unique with the fragrances that are offered but unique in the fact that these have been designed for layering.

Layer with each other or with your own perfumes and scents, you can wear them alone, mix, match and combine with others for your own unique fragrances!

What Is It?

So…? Unique Gift Set – Body Mist

This is a lovely gift set that you can treat your family and friends with or perhaps keep for yourself.

Giving you that luxury vibe that we love – while keeping things affordable.

The unique mist gift set brings you a range of scents that are unique to the So…? range of fragrances, they’re a unique combination and simply put – fantastic!

Designed for layering or wearing alone, you can get creative and layer the scents together or with your own personal favourite perfumes and scents.

So…? Unique Mist Gift Set – Fragrances

The gift set that we were kindly sent has four fragrances and even though this is mentioned on the gift set linked below, the photo shows a different option called Cashmere instead.

In the gift set that was kindly sent (and featured in this article) are:

Truffle Cream

Vanilla Candy

Sweet Pea

White Blossom

The unique range is a lovely collection from So…? as this is their unique scents with their own unique combinations and each one of them smell amazing.

Whether you like sweet, fruity or fresh, you’ll find something to enjoy and if you’re like me, you’ll love them all!

Even though I prefer sweeter smells, each of these is beautiful and I appreciate the fresh ones just as much as they do have delicate sweet notes too.

Fragrance Descriptions and Details

So…? Truffle Cream Body Mist

A scrumptious scent that’s perfect for this time of year. Truffle Cream is a comforting and rich fragrance with White Chocolate notes and delicate hints of Coconut Flower to bring an uplifting side to this scent.

So…? Vanilla Candy Body Mist

Stunning with sweet notes. This is a lovely and rich fragrance with beautiful Sugar and Marshmallow notes – along with this, you have creamy Vanilla notes too.

So…? Sweet Pea Body Mist

Sweet Pea is quite uplifting and fresh but you do also get beautiful sweet notes that are combined in this with lovely florals of Water Jasmine and Creamy Vanilla. Uplifting with sweet notes, this has a hint of floral too which is lovely.

So…? White Blossom Body Mist

Stunning overall and whilst it’s an uplifting, fresh fragrance you get pops of sweet and fruity notes that are just beautiful. White Blossoms are combined with stunning Pear Blossoms and fruits.

Mix and match this range or wear the scents alone and enjoy each of them in their own and unique right.

See Also

There’s beautiful notes in each scent for you to enjoy.

This is priced at £6.99 but take a look at the option that’s available on the set as it’s showing as Cashmere on the site instead of White Blossom.

So…? Unique Gift Set – £6.99

Fantastic gift choices and all at affordable prices. Take a look at these articles below if you’re looking for other gift sets and affordable gift ideas too!

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Enjoy these affordable gift sets and fragrances!

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(Kindly sent from So…?)

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