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BB Creams and CC Creams – What’s The Difference?

BB Creams and CC Creams – What’s The Difference?


BB Creams and CC Creams - What's the difference?

BB Creams and CC Creams – What’s the difference?

BB creams took the beauty world by storm last year and this year we’ve been working our way through the alphabet with CC creams coming to the market with a rumour on DD creams too….

A lot of people have sent me emails asking about the differences and how to use each cream so below I’ve given you the beauty breakdown between the two, what they’re good for and how to use them!

BB Creams – What are they?

BB cream is short for blemish balm or beauty balm and to keep things short and simple this is by far the best tinted moisturiser as it’s packed with vitamins a long list of benefits for your skin and SPF to protect your skin during the day.

BB Creams – What do they do?

BB creams will give your skin a smoother appearance, make your complexion and skin-tone look even and with anti-ageing and SPF it’ll protect AND benefit your skin as you wear it during the day.

Most, if not all, BB creams have light-reflecting elements which will give your skin a lovely, dewy glow all day making it a must-have for summer too.

BB Creams – How and when do I use it?

With BB cream I wouldn’t recommend using a lot of it, all you need is a light layer on your skin.

I tend to apply a dot my forehead, cheeks, chin and nose and blend it into my skin after applying primer and before my foundation BUT you can use BB creams as your primer too.

BB creams provide your skin with very little coverage – it’s more to give your skin a lovely, dewy, healthy glow than anything else so if your skin needs a pick me up try a BB cream!

CC Creams – What are they?

CC creams are short for Complexion Corrector – VERY similar to BB creams however CC creams tend to focus more on colour correction.

CC Creams – What do they do?

CC creams are even lighter than BB creams (that’s VERY light) and are perfect for people who suffer with constant redness, dull skin, acne and dark spots.

The CC cream will help to correct, balance and even-out any skin colour conditions you may have.

CC Creams – How and when do I use it?

I use this from time to time and use it just like my BB cream, after my primer and before my foundation just to brighten and even my skin when needed.

I wouldn’t use this as a primer unlike the BB cream which can.

Above I’ve pictured a BB cream and a CC Cream from Essence which I’m currently testing and will be featuring soon.

Let me know if you use a BB or CC cream and what your thoughts are!

Layla xx

Greek Beauty – BB Creams Και CC Creams Πια Η Διαφορα?

BB cream ειναι τα αρχικα απο το blemish balm η beauty balm και για συντομια λεγεται BB.

See Also

Ειναι καλυτερη απο ενυδατικη κρεμα γιατι εχει λιγο χρωμα ωστε να δεινει μια ιδιαιτερη φρεσκαδα και επισης εχει βιταμινες προστατευει απο τον ηλιο και ειναι αντιριτιδικη ιδανικη για το καλοκαιρι γιατι ειναι πολυ ελαφρια.

CC cream ειναι τα αρχικα για colour corrector ειναι ακομα πιο ελαφρια απο την BB cream δεν δινει μεγαλη καλυψη αλλα ειναι ιδανικη για να διορθωσει κοκκινιλες και να δωσει μια ομοιομορφια στο δερμα.

Με λιγα λογια η BB μπορει να φορεθει μονη της η πριν το μακιγιαζ.

Η CC μπορει να φορεθει πριν την BB ετσι ωστε να καλυφτουν οι κοκκινιλες του δερματος.

Και οι δυο ειναι ελαφριες κρεμες με λιγη καλυψη αν θελουμε να καλυψουμε πιο εντονα ελατωματα αυτο θα το κανουμε με το μακιγιαζ.

Περιμενω οπως παντα τα σχολια σας τις ιδαιες σας και οτι αλλο θελετε να συζητησουμε .




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