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Autumn Winter Outerwear

Autumn Winter Outerwear

Autumn Winter Outerwear - Valentino

Autumn Winter Outerwear - Chanel

Autumn Winter Outerwear - DKNY


As much as I don;t want to admit it the awful weather is coming our way….I don’t really think summer lasted long enough this year and could do with a bit more sunshine and more of a tan but as I know that won’t happen let me talk about Autumn Winter Outerwear!!

Pictures from top to bottom.




What to look out for in Autumn Winter Outerwear collections?

Ok, so this year everything is going to be bigger, cosier and oversized which is something I am extremely excited about as I love wearing cosy, oversized clothing in general especially my coats when the weather is cold and miserable! 🙂

Which is my favourite Autumn Winter Outerwear?

The only brightly coloured design I spotted on the Autumn Winter Outerwear collections on the catwalk was Valentino and that’s the very top picture…it doesn’t look like t would keep you warm but at least you’d look chic!

I love Chanel‘s collection as it just looks beautiful and although it’s fitted, flattering and feminine it has a strong, confident feel to it which I love.

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DKNY has gone for chic and simple which is really nice too but I’m leaning more towards the Chanel collection…

Let me know what you think of the Autumn Winter Outerwear collections and what colours you’re looking forward to wearing and seeing!

Are you a fan of oversized clothing or do you prefer fitted?

Let me know!

Layla xx

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