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Amdi Bere – The Contemporary Fashion Brand

Amdi Bere – The Contemporary Fashion Brand


The Contemporary and Inspiring Fashion Brand

Written By: Layla

Brand Feature: Amdi Bere

Another day, another post and here's a brand which I think you all need to know about. Amdi Bere - the brand which makes a difference by inspiring and empowering women through positive affirmations.

The "STRONG" Jumper

More brands need to take a look at pieces like this. For me, 2019 is the year to embrace being in a stronger position. Women around the world are constantly breaking barriers and doing things which were once considered impossible.

What I absolutely love about this jumper is the fact that Amdi Bere has brought together the comfort factor along with the fashionable factor - there's an effortless elegance to this jumper which is lovely.

This jumper that I'm wearing is one of the most sought-after items from Amdi Bere and probably one of the most recognised prints from the brand and you can easily see why - it's got a lovely design with STRONG written on the front in a beautiful (powerful) red shade. If you look closely, you'll see a woman shaped as the "T" and the word 'weak' being lined out.

It's such a smart design and this is what makes Amdi Bere stand out - they bring you lovely, clever designs which empower women around the world. Powerful words meet a lovely design to bring fashionable pieces to us.


Before receiving the item, I really didn't know what to expect but I'm very happy to say that the quality from Amdi Bere is lovely.

Amdi Bere have brought a jumper which can be styled in a casual manner, as I'm wearing, or dressed up with skinny jeans and heels - bringing the fashionable side to the jumper.

Shop The Strong Jumper


The "I Made It" T-Shirt

Moving onto the t-shirt from Amdi Bere, you can see that the same empowering vibe comes from the brand and this is a lovely casual t-shirt which can be worn during the way when running errands or when meeting friends and family for brunch.

I love t-shirts like this, especially when there's an empowering quote or design to it - not only does it give you that boost, someone else who reads the top can also gain some form of inspiration from it and that's what I love.

As you can see, there's a lovely design on this t-shirt along with the "I made it" which is written in a lovely yet delicate green shade. Whilst it's an inspiring t-shirt, this is a lot more delicate than the "Strong" jumper - just as lovely but that little bit more delicate.

T-shirts like this are great for those who don't want to make too much of a statement yet want to provide a message for others.


As mentioned above, before receiving the items, I didn't know what to expect quality-wise from Amdi Bere but as with the jumper - I'm very impressed with the overall quality and feel from the clothing.

The t-shirt is extremely soft and again, in terms of sizing, is oversized giving you that comfortable / effortless vibe which is great. I've styled this in a simple way - skinny jeans and boots along with my black cardigan which you can see in the picture below.

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Q&A With Amdi Bere

From now on, I want to feature much more from fashion brands so here's a little Q&A with Amdi Bere where you can find out a little bit more about the brand, where the inspiration / designs come from and what the brand will be working on over the coming months.

  • How Did Amdi Bere Begin?

    Amdi Bere began from a project of producing t-shirt apparel for a women's conference. It was here that the idea was born to produce apparel prints which encourages positive energy and beautiful illustrations to inspire love.

    This all started back in March 2018 and today - the brand is continuing to grow and develop.

  • Where does the design inspiration come from? 

    Amdi Bere gets the inspiration from words and quotes which are known around the world.
    Anything that helps to inspire, empower and of course a lot of inspiration also comes from the beauty of nature around us.

  • Are more clothing items going to be introduced?

    Yes! More clothing items and new collections will be introduced to the brand.

  • How Will Amdi Bere be expanding over the coming months?

    We will be introducing new collections and exploring more colours and different t-shirt styles. It's going to be exciting!

"Amdi Bere is an inspiring fashion brand"


There we have the lovely jumper and t-shirt from Amdi Bere and for 2019, it's a brand you all need to check out, and keep an eye on. 🙂

Personally, I can't wait to see the new styles and colour options from the brand - it'll be really lovely to see how the brand decides to evolve with their items and to see what other empowering and motivational quotes they'll be featuring too.

So, if any of you are feeling a little bit unhappy or down - take a look at Amdi Bere and take inspiration from their positivity and motivational clothing items. There's something for everyone and something to benefit all! 🙂

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