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£1 Acrylic Makeup Storage?

£1 Acrylic Makeup Storage?



£1 Acrylic Makeup Storage – Yes! You’re actually reading this right, I did purchase these Acrylic Makeup Storage Organisers for £1!! 🙂

I’ve been such a fan of Muji and have seen countless bloggers featuring the brand on their blogs however I couldn’t really get my head around spending £25 for the acrylic drawers so tried to find an alternative!

A couple of weeks ago I popped into poundland to get some nail polish remover (I paint my nails too much) and I walked by these acrylic makeup storage containers – did I really just find acrylic makeup storage containers for £1??

Walking back to where they were all stacked I think I stood and just stared at them for a minute before grabbing four of each! Hahaha 😀



As you can see they’re perfect for your daily make-up products, lipsticks, makeup brushes and/or nail polishes!

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I love how pretty everything looks when it’s all tidy and organised (hello Monica from Friends) so will definitely be going back to get a couple more as they’re really handy to have – especially if you’re a beauty blogger!

Another thing I want to mention is that the build of these acrylic makeup storage containers is wonderful, they don’t feel plasticky or cheap – in fact they’re actually quite heavy and the overall quality of them is brilliant! 🙂

So – why not check out your local poundland and see if you can get these too!?


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