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Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Styling Wand

Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Styling Wand



Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Styling Wand – Ah, so we finally have a hair post! I think many of you will be very happy to see a haircare post on here as I’ll admit I don’t really write about my haircare much.

It’s not that I don’t like writing about haircare products it’s just that I don’t consider myself to be any good with hair so I don’t feature it as much as I should but I think things are going to change from now… 😉

I’m so excited to be writing about the item you see pictured above and will see below – it’s the NEW Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Styling Wand!

Since posting a few pictures of outfits I have seen a lot of your lovely comments all asking me about how I style my hair so here you go – haha! 🙂

About the Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Styling Wand

Can you believe that the barrel is actually infused with real diamonds – seriously! It also features tourmaline technology which means that it will help your hair to retain moisture giving you a smooth, shiny, salon-like finish whilst avoiding heat damage!

Heat damage is something that my hair suffers especially now that it’s long! I put my hand up and say that I use styling wands, blow-driers and/or straighteners on most days but I do want to mention that since receiving this styling wand I have only been using that and my hair does feel a lot smoother and looks shinier! 🙂

Keep scrolling for more info…..

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The Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Styling Wand has 5 different settings specially developed for all hair types.

Heat setting 1 – 130 ⁰c (Very Fine Hair)

Heat setting 2 – 150 ⁰c (Fine Hair)

Heat setting 3 – 170 ⁰c (Fine/Thick Hair)

Heat setting 4 – 190 ⁰c (Thick Hair)

Heat setting 5 – 210 ⁰c (Very Thick Hair)

I consider my hair to be fine but used Heat Setting 3 and it worked fine for my hair!

How to Use

If you’ve never used a styling wand before then I would recommend you wearing some sort of protective glove – I think you can buy hair styling gloves now!

I’ve used a variety of styling wands and straighteners but always find myself burning my hand when I use a styling wand!

How to Create Thick Curls

Ok, so it’s really simple! If you’re looking to create thick curls (think 1950’s glam) then you need to use the styling wand on a thin selection of hair. The thinner the selection, the tighter the curl!

Wrap hair around the wand and keep in place for half a minute.

Once happy keep hair in place with hairspray!

How to Create Loose Waves

My personal favourite – I just LOVE loose waves as they’re gorgeous for the day and night!

To create loose waves you need to use the styling wand on a thicker selection of hair – the thicker the selection, the looser the wave… really is that simple! 🙂

See Also

I normally start from the bottom of my hair and finish with my fringe/bangs (Hello America) – wrap a thick selection of hair round the wand and hold into place for just over half a minute.

Once you’re happy run your fingers through the ends of your hair to separate the curls….if you want it to look messy/beach-hair then spritz a touch of salt spray on the ends and scrunch!

For a polished look spray with hairspray! 🙂


I really like this styling wand and just knowing that there’s diamonds infused into the barrel is really quite cool haha!

You can see the gold actually shimmers in the light but I couldn’t capture it with my camera!

If you’re looking to expand with your hair products and wand a styling wand then I would really recommend this – it’s easy to use and looks gorgeous!

You can purchase this from Boots for just £34.99 and I think it’s a really great price as Nicky Clarke is a brilliant brand that provides quality products!

Nicky Clarke Dimond Shine Styling Wand

I love reading all your lovely comments so let me know what you think of this styling wand! Is there another brand that you love for styling tools?

Let me know!


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