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Acne Ultra Clear Review

Acne Ultra Clear Review


Acne Ultra Clear Review – Good Morning Everyone! I hope you’re all well and ready for the new week ahead, it might be looking dull outside but I have a product for all of you who suffer with dry skin AND acne which might just cheer you up! 🙂

This is a brand that’s relatively new to me and it’s actually times like these which make me love being a beauty blogger even more!

I get to try products and work with brands I wouldn’t normally come across otherwise… – let’s get going with the review!

Acne Ultra Clear Review – Packaging

As you can see, the packaging is sleek, neat and very professional looking – as soon as this arrived on my desk, I absolutely loved it!

I love the simplicity of it but also the eye-catching detail like the bold writing, the mirror-effect lie and of course, the pretty purple colour… 🙂

Acne Ultra Clear Review – Colour

OK, so this isn’t your typical white/cream moisturiser – it’s a completely different colour based on the blend of natural ingredients used.

You’ll be able to see in the images below that this moisturiser has a light green almost yellow colour to it – which might be strange but at the same time makes a really nice change!

When I first opened the product it actually reminded me of a clay mask!

Acne Ultra Clear Review – Texture

The colour might not be what you expect your moisturiser to be however the texture of this product really is lovely.

It just glides onto your skin like soft butter!

What I like about this is that it’s super-nourishing and feels rather luxurious when applied to skin however still feels lightweight which is nice.

Acne Ultra Clear Review – How To Use

On the very first day, for some reason, I ended up applying more product onto my skin then I normally would (I wasn’t feeling too well) which did leave my skin looking slightly shiny however when I woke up the next morning my skin had a beautiful glow.

Since then I’ve been using it just like my normal moisturiser and my skin looks very fresh and healthy so here’s how I use the Acne Ultra Clear Moisturiser

Cleanse / Wash Face 

Exfoliate (twice a week)

Apply oil-free toner

Moisturise face and neck

That’s how I tend to prepare my skin for this and any other moisturiser I’ll wear as I feel like my skin absorbs things a lot better when thoroughly cleansed.

Acne Ultra Clear Review – Ingredients

What I like about this cream is that it’s a unique formula, a blend of powerful fruit oils and herbal extracts to help soothe and balance your skin.

A little goes a VERY long way due to the formulation of this product so this could last around 4-5 months with daily use!

Acne Ultra Clear Review – Overall

This is a really lovely moisturiser in my opinion – it’s really nourishing, hydrating and helps to soothe your skin which you can actually feel after 5 minutes when it’s applied….it’s like a cooling sensation.

Would I recommend this to everyone? Yes and No….

I 100% recommend this is your suffer with dry skin and/or acne – in one use you’ll feel that your skin is super-soft, nourished and feeling a lot more hydrated!

Your acne will start to appear less aggravated and generally your skin will have a beautiful, healthy, fresh glow to it which is perfect!

If you suffer with oily skin, I’d ask you if you also suffer with any dryness – especially with winter on the way.

See Also

As this is an oil-based product you might worry or think that it’s too heavy for your skin HOWEVER when you apply oil products onto oily skin after about 7 days – your skin will re-balance, adjust and start absorbing the oils.

It’s all about personal preference and how you feel with your skin – I’m only here to share my reviews and thoughts…I suffered with acne and oily skin after I reacted to a foundation so I know how it feels but if you’ve tried everything – give this a go too!

You might just find a gem!

Acne Ultra Clear Review – Purchase

You can purchase this from Amazon for £13.99 (on sale) and you’ll received a 50ml jar just like the one I’m holding !

Click HERE to view!

As mentioned above a little product goes a very long way so I’d say that this would last around 4-5 months with daily use!

DSC_3092 acne-ultra-clear-review DSC_3096 DSC_3097 acne-ultra-clear-review DSC_3099 DSC_3100 acne-ultra-clear-swatch DSC_3102 cream2 cream1

So, let me know what you all think – I love reading your comments and will be going through them hopefully this afternoon!

If you have any questions again, feel free to comment and I’ll reply as soon as I see it! 🙂

Have you spotted this brand? Purchased this product?

Let me know!



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