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Mint choc chip nail polish 17 review

Mint choc chip nail polish 17 review

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well and having a lovely weekend where ever you are! 
It’s been lovely with all the sunshine we’ve been having here in the UK although it is a little bit colder but still the sunshine is out so it’s good!
It’s been a few days coming but it’s finally here! Mint chocolate chip nail polish from 17!! Yes it sounds good enough to eat but unfortunatley you can’t….what you can do it admire your nails every time you wear it!
Mint chocolate chip nail polish 17

 I love this colour, it’s simple yet a statement is made as its not a colour you would normally see. 

These pastel colours are in fashion during spring and summer and will look incredible with a tan!
mmmm it sounds yummy!! I want a mint choc chip ice cream!
Before you apply any nail polish make sure your nails are free from any old polish by removing it with an acetone free remover (gentler on the nails
Apply a strengthener/base coat and let nails dry completely before applying the nail polish.
Once you’re happy with your nails apply 2 coats of colour and let them dry (this is a good time to get other people doing your washing up hahaha)
When you feel like your nails are dry you can apply a top coat or wait till the next morning to make sure they have completely dried. 
I tend to do my nails in the evening when I know I’ll be relaxing in front of the TV and in the morning I apply my topcoat whilst I’m having a cup of coffee and by the time I’m done my nails are dry!!
The brush isn’t anything special and you have to load the wand with nail polish to make sure you get an even first coat but with 2 coats it’s fine!!
I will definitely be buying more colours from 17 as I’m in love with pastel right now and  have my eye on a pastel pink colour from 17 which I’m looking forward to buying and reviewing!! 🙂
For £2.99 it’s a bargain and you can afford to buy different colours and create cool, quirky designs! I think mint choc chip and the pastel pink (I don’t know what it’s called) will be a really cute combo!!
Mint choc chip polish
 So there you have it! 
A nail polish named like an ice cream I want to eat RIGHT NOW!!! Hahahaha! (I may actually go out and buy it)
It’s a wondeerful colour that will make a statement without it being ‘oh my gosh what is that’ type of thing so if you do buy pastel coloured polishes make sure this one is added to the collection.
Even if you don’t like wearing it on all the nail you can use it to create a cute design (polka dots) against a dark nail colour!
For £2.99 you really can’t go wrong!
Make sure you go to your local BOOTS store (people in the UK) and buy it….and the cute pink colour too :p
Have you tried this colour? Do you love or hate pastel colours? Let me know!!
I want to hear from YOU!!
Layla xxx
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