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5 Ways To Ensure Your Home Is Toasty When The Chill Hits

5 Ways To Ensure Your Home Is Toasty When The Chill Hits


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5 Ways To Ensure Your Home Is Toasty When The Chill Hits 

It's time to make our homes cosy ahead of the winter chill and below, we're sharing some great tips and tricks!


Well, well, well - it's shaping up to be a pretty cold Autumn and even colder Winter this year and we can expect temperatures to be as cold as anything we've experienced - especially over the coming weeks.

You know what this means, right? We need to make sure that our homes become a little 'refuge' from the cold outdoors and what's better than shopping for essentials which will transform your home?

Think of beautiful throws scattered over your couch to snuggle up in after long days and beautiful soft rugs to keep your feet warm.

Below, we're sharing five ways in which you can make sure that you'll be kept toasty and warm when it's cold and chilly outside.

Look At The Flooring

Ok, how often do you actually pay attention to your floors and flooring in your home? Not too often we bet!

To make sure you're keeping as warm as possible during the winter months, it is better to have carpets in every room which will help to insulate rooms and keep the warm in your home however - if you have wooden flooring, don't worry!

Simply buy large rugs to cover the majority of rooms and you'll instantly see (and feel) a difference in the warmth in your home.

Getting The Infrastructure Right 

It might not be something that you think about all too often however you need to make sure the appliances in your home are looked after, serviced and running correctly - talk about a nightmare if your heating or hot water stops!

It's always recommended that you use find a builder, to hire an expert who can check that everything is working in order - it's much better to have everything taken care of before any problems start to occur.

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Keeping The Heat In

Now that you've made sure you have all the means to generate heat in your home, you need to make sure that you're not letting all that lovely warmth escape to the cold outdoors!

Make sure you check your home for any draughts and remember - it's a great time to invest in thicker curtains which will help to keep the heat in your home and also add a luxe look to the rooms.

Let There Be Fire!

Don't underestimate the power of fire - there's a reason that people have been using them to stay warm for thousands of years and it definitely works!

If you're looking to add a cosy touch to your living room - fireplaces are the way to go as they instantly heat up the room and give you that perfect, cosy atmosphere for the winter.

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Insulate Yourself

Finally, it's down to you! This is the perfect excuse to go shopping and buy plenty of blankets for your couch (hello snuggled up evenings) and throws for your bed.

Not only that - treat yourself to lovely sweaters which will keep you feeling warm and looking super-stylish during the colder days.

We hope that these tips have helped you in some way - who needs another excuse to stock up on lovely blankets for your couch?

Let us know what your winter essentials are!

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