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5 Tips To Styling The Perfect Christmas Table

5 Tips To Styling The Perfect Christmas Table

The festive season is on the way and a thoughtfully designed Christmas table is always a winner – making it an occasion to remember!

Wow your guests with sparkle, shine and colour with the perfect Instagrammable Christmas set-up with these 5 simple tips!

Choose a Crisp Ironed Table Cloth


There’s a reason why hotels and restaurants use table cloths and it’s because they always look great – classy and elegant!

Most dining tables see a lot of use throughout the year and may look a little worse for wear by the time Christmas comes around, give yours a 10-second makeover by adding a crisp ironed tablecloth and feel transported to a 5-star hotel or Michelin starred restaurant.

You won’t need to look far to find the perfect table cloth as you can find a variety of hotel quality tablecloths from Richard Haworth online.

Opt for white as this will make all your food and decorations stand out but it will also add that ‘snowy’ look to the table. If you prefer colour – red, green or gold are perfect as they complete the Christmas colour scheme.

Create Custom Place Settings

Place settings don’t get enough hype – they do so much more than help your guests find their seats, they also look great and add a sense of personalisation to the table.

Pinterest is the place to go for quirky and cute custom ideas or stick to simplicity with traditional handwritten place cards.

For an even more unique place setting why not wrap a mini present for each person at the table, this could simply be a couple of delicious chocolates or a miniature of their favourite alcohol, then simply inscribe their name on the tag and voila a place card and a personalised gift in one.

Build a SHOWSTOPPING Centrepiece


The centrepiece of your table is where the majority of the decoration will be focused and it’s your chance to set the theme for your evening.

A garland of natural foliage dusted with silver glitter and dotted with candles will create a winter wonderland feel! Add a few pillar candles amongst a bed of holly – this will add that touch of colour and bring the whole design together for simplistic elegance.

Whatever theme and decoration you choose, try to incorporate height and texture for maximum impact and be careful that your foliage is sufficiently placed away from candles.

Go to Town with Glassware

The glassware on your table is more than just a drinking vessel – it’s a decorative piece of art!

Think of tall champagne flutes and crystal decanters which will add sparkle to the table without taking up too much space for other essential items.

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Luxury glassware just adds that fantastic feel not only to the look and decor but also in the hand – it will make the meal memorable.

If there’s one part of your Christmas dinner set to splurge on, make it the glassware as it’s quality and decorative! Looking for older-style items? You can find beautiful vintage pieces in charity shops too.

Set up a Side Table For Drinks


With decorative glassware, a stunning centrepiece and custom place settings there may not be too much room left on the table.

Think about adding a side table in the room – draped in a matching table cloth to hold non-essential extras such as additional napkins and drink refills.

This will leave space on the main table for the food when it arrives and will stop people from needing to lean over one another to refill their glasses. 

I would love to know what you all think so make sure you let me know your Christmas decor tips in the comments below!

Layla x

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