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Light and Bright: Maximising Natural Light At Home

Light and Bright: Maximising Natural Light At Home


Light and Bright: Maximising Natural Light At Home

Even a beautifully decorated room can end up looking slightly unwelcome if the room is overly dark and here in the UK - let's just say that the weather is known for being a little bit odd....

Now, there's not much you can do in terms of the weather however you can make the most of the natural light which comes into your home and below, you can see our tips on how to maximise it. 


Paint The Walls A Light Colour 

For some people, this suggestion will be obvious however there's so many people out there who choose dark colours in their home - not knowing that they're making the room/space look much smaller. 

If you're looking for an easy way to maximise the light in your home and make rooms look bigger then one of the best things to do is to give your walls a coat of paint in a light cream shade (instead of white) - this colour will still make the room feel cosy and it'll also act as a blank canvas so you can still get creative with coloured-accessories to style the room in your own unique way. 

If you're anything like Layla then you'll be changing your home decor every few months - if we've learned anything it's that a fresh coat of light cream paint always makes rooms look better. 

In the spring/summer you can choose cream / pastel accessories to add a fun touch and in the winter, think of deep red, brown and berry accessories. 



Use Large Mirrors To Reflect Light 

Another great way to get light into your home without much effort is by placing large mirrors around rooms to reflect light in the best way possible. 

Position them opposite windows for the best effect.

If you're feeling creative, take a look at these Statement mirrors which look expensive and glamorous - as well as making the rooms brighter! 

Don't think that mirrors are just for larger rooms and spaces - they work wonders in small spaces such as box rooms and bathrooms to reflect the light around the room giving you the appearance of a brighter, lighter room!


There you have some of our tips on how to maximise the natural light in your home for a beautiful, bright and light living space! 

The Sprinkles of Style Team


Upgrade Windows and Doors 

If you have a bigger budget and want a more drastic change, how about changing up your windows and doors?

Aluminium windows have ultra-slim frames which means that more light gets let into your home.

See Also

Depending on the type of home you have, another great option to look at is skylights - normally placed in the kitchen, they look great and let a lot of light into your home.

If that's not your thing, look at changing the doors to your garden space - there's beautiful styles available and plenty of light can come into your home.

It's little things like this which will change the whole look (and feel) of your home.

Choose Window Decor Wisely 

When you move into a new home, things look bare however have you noticed that when you add curtains to a room it instantly changes?

Choose your curtain and window decor wisely - don't clutter the window shelves with too much.

Think about a beautiful vase which catches the light in the centre of the shelf. 

In terms of the curtains you choose, there's such a variety out there now that you're spoilt for choice!

In the winter, it's nice to have double-layered curtains with a darker and lighter colour. 

In the summer, it's good to choose lightweight curtains or voiles which will let all the natural light into your home. 

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  • These are great ideas dear. I love natural lighting too, it doesnt just help you save on your electric bill, it’s actually more inviting and adds that warm feel that we all need during the cold season. And I say yes to large mirrors too!

    Jessica |

    • Ah thank you so much – glad you like the post! I love mirrors, they really are beautiful and create the illusion of so much space and light which is so nice! 🙂 xx

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